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Sponsors of the Annual URSA Awards Competition


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It is our pleasure to introduce to you, the winners of the 18th Annual URSA Awards along with the

URSA Major - Best Over All winner.


Applause for all who entered and all who won!


Click on the banner and met the winners.


The Witches of Bears&Buds


From some of our
Professional Artist Members

all wishing you a Happy, but not to scary, Halloween!

Our featured artist is Poppy Atkinson of Brair Rose Bears residing in England.


Discover how her passion for bears turned into a worldwide business.

Online Teddy Bear Appraisals

Ever wondered about the life
of your beloved old bear?
Online appraisal offer you the bears history along with its current value. Ask Brenda!

Meet the artists at teddy bear shows. Find a show close to you or to shop online.

You'll never miss a thing when you go to the archive to enjoy all the past featured articles.

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What to do when you meet

a live bear.


How to survive a bear attack.


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Meet Dave Stack
the developer of


Meet many of the Bears&Buds and Bright Star Promotions' artists in each of the 8 yearly shows.

Buying bears safely online, is fun.

How to protect your patterns and your art.

The shows change and grow, read about Bright Stars success, having produced and sponsored 700 dollhouse miniatures shows, teddy bear shows,
and online shows worldwide over the last 8 years.

About the URSA Awards Pins

All About Grizzly Bears
by Animal Facts Guide

Keep abreast of current bear happenings. Enjoy the videos and bear reports.


Who are winners?

Who won the URSA Major
- Best Overall?

Congratulations to all who entered
and to all who have won



What is the difference between these two titles?

Award winning artist from Australia teaches you.

Collector password required.

Artist password required.

Check out the list of trusted suppliers artists use.

Adding airbrushing details to your creations enhances personality and character!

Thirty year show comes
to an end in Ann Arbor.

URSA Awards Archive . . .

It is our pleasure to introduce to you, the winners of the 17th Annual URSA Awards along with the

URSA Major - Best Over All winner.


Applause for all who entered and all who won!


Click on the banner and met the winners.


A very special thank you goes
to all our
URSA Awards sponsors.
Please visit their web sites.

Ever wonder where mohair came from?

The artists work hard preparing for a show.

The story behind how
Gollies became teddy bears best friends.

A Star in the World of Teddy Bears . . .Winnie the Pooh

Learn to take beautiful
photographs of your bears




The most expensive teddy ever sold at auction was manufactured by Steiff. The particular bear was made
by Louis Vuitton and fetched $2.1 million dollars in 2000.









Thank you Jonni for these exclusive
bear cartoons!



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