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Bears&Buds was first published on March 15, 2005

Covers began appearing in November 2006


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In 2017 Bears&Buds became a Bi-Monthly publication.

Feb. - March 2024


April - May 2024

Barboni Bears

June- July 2024



Jan. - Feb 2023

Notchlok Bears

March - April 2023


May - June 2023

Bear Hugs Originals

July - August 2023


September 2023

Briar Rose Bears

October 2023

uRSA Winner

Catharina Kammer


Jan-Feb 2022

URSA Award Pins

March - April 2022

Candi Bears

May - June 2022


July - august 2022

Chris' Creations

September 2022


October 2022

uRSA Winner

Diana Watts

Nov. - Dec 2022

Tiny Toes & Bear Paws



Feb - Mar 2021

Happy Tymes Collectibles

April - May 2021

Bearly Bears

June - July 2021

Bears From the Boot

August 2021

Bear Appraisls

October - Dec. 2021

URSA Winner

Natalia Iunlna



March-April 2020

Our 15th Birthday

May - June 2020

Glass Dragib

July - August 2020

Eden & Friend

September 2020

Golden Elm Bears

October- Nov. 2020

Dec 2020 - Jan 2021

Little Blessings


Dec '18 - Jan 2019

February 2019

Teddies to go

March - April 2019

May - June 2019

Bears by Anne

July - Aug. 2019

Tiny Toes & Bear Paws

September 2019

Nov. - Dec 2019

Cubcake Mini Bears


January-Feb. 2018

March-April 2018

Stevi T.s

May - June 2018


July-Aug 2018

BowerBird Bears

September 2018

Christy Bears

October 2018

URSA Winner

Irina Arkchipova


February 2017


April 2017

Winter White

June 2017


August 2017

Notchlok Bears

October 2017

URSA Winner

Dawn James


January 2016

Holt Hill Bears

February 2016

Terries Bears

March 2016

50 shades of Brown

April 2016

Heir Bears

May 2016


June 2016

Brierley Bears

July 2016

Bear Talk Bears

Auguat 2016

September 2016

Little Bittie Bears

October 2016

URSA Winners

Bainbridge Bears

November 2016

Margie's Bears

December 2016

Good Bears of the



January 2015


February 2015

100th front cover!

Bears by Becca

March 2015

Barbee's Bears

April 2015

Bear Hugs Originals

May 2015


June 2015

Yo Yo Bears

July 2015
Atelier Wiba

August 2015

Jilly Bears

September 2015


October 2015

URSA Winner

November 2015

Wayneston Bears

December 2015

Bear In Mind


Two photo books by my daughter Dawn who is Bears&Buds Graphic Designer. Priceless!

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The History of Bears&Buds by

Dawn Emerson

Valerie Rogers>>


January 2014

Gloria Lorenz

Estele-Marina Bearen

February 2014

Gloria Strezova

Gloria Strezova Bears

March 2014

Anke Komorovski


April 2014

Tampa Pattern Challenge

May 2014

Bette Carter

Trunk Bears

June 2014

Serieta Howell
Sersha Bears

July 2014

Svetlana Khabarova

Our Bears


August 2014

Marina Osetrova
Marina Osterova Bears

September 2014

Christie Kotz

The Peach Peddler

October 2014

URSA Awards Winners Announced

Hilda Ng

Teddy Village

November 2014

Heike Hilkenbach


December 2014


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URSA Award Winner's Covers


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November 2006

Our first cover!

November 2006
Jacquie Pollitt


Bears&Buds was first published on March 15, 2005

Digital Covers began appearing in November 2006

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