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Writers and Photographers Guidelines


Bears&Buds® is the original online Teddy Bear Magazine that is written in an online book format, for teddy bear collectors, artists, retailers, clubs, bear making suppliers, show, fairs and event promoters.

Bears&Buds is an electronic publication and (not a paper published magazine) that comes to your computer monthly.

Bears&Buds Teddy Bear Magazine keeps you current with features from leading writers: top artists and emerging trends; articles on bear-making tips and techniques from industry experts; new releases from artists, retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers; coverage of merchandise and gifts; human-interest stories; business section for industry professionals only; complete Teddy Bear Show calendar, show review and we are the sponsors of the yearly worldwide URSA Awards Competition.

We are always looking for new, promising content and writers. Articles should run between 100 - 600 words in length and include 10-16 copyright free photos and/or graphics.

Bear&Buds does not reprint previously published work.

We like to encourage a personal perspective and welcome thought provoking, fresh, new angles on topics.

We are interested in feature articles, short texts on a single topic, humorous stories, in-depth pieces, columns, or editorials. Since it is a web-format, it is important to write succinctly.  


Our audience generate from a myriad of income, age, and demographic levels. However, they have one thing in common: love for Teddy Bears and other collectible animals. These readers are a melting pot of collectors who range from novices to serious aficionados.


Contributing Professional Artists-Members receive a one to three month extension of their Professional Membership, upon publication of the article. Contributing writers receive only notoriety for their published articles along with a link to their web sites.



Electronic submissions are the only permissible format. Microsoft Word.doc and .jpg photo files are accepted. Article deadline is the 25th of each month. All articles, along with sized photographs, should be sent to Valerie Rogers, Publisher at: You will receive an email confirmation regarding your article reassuring receipt of your email.

Include a short author biography (written in third person) and contact details, with all submissions.   

Following are some Length Guidelines but please remember that length is NOT as important as CONTENT! We can always edit a story that is too long but it is extremely hard to add to a story that is too short or missing vital content.

Articles: 100-600 words along with 10 - 16 photographs and be the work of the submitting writer. When an article is extremely long, it will be divided and continued in the next issue. Word Uses and Submission Tips

If any sources are quoted, writer must obtain written permission to quote the source. Any photos submitted require the written/eMail release of the person(s) being photographed. 

If the photo was taken by a source other than the writer, you need to provide the photographer’s identification information so a byline credit can be given. Writer must obtain written release for all photos not done by themselves as well as copyrighted photos used with the story.

Articles will be edited in regular United Press International (UPI) style.

Bears&Buds will make grammar, spelling, punctuation, length, usage corrections, content changes for clarity or to blend with the Webzine’s overall style.

All articles become the copyrighted property of Bears&Buds® DBA Bright Star Promotions, Inc., licensed in the State of KY since 1982


Please submit photos and graphics via email saved as a 500 pixels wide and in 72 dpi JPG file. Include your last name in each photo description and suggested placement within article when applicable. Please do not use symbols or spaces in the .jpg photo descriptions.

We will crop the photos as we find necessary.


Bears&Buds requires first worldwide electronic publishing rights with the right to archive the written material or photographs, indefinitely in any electronic medium and to publish the article in a possible print or electronic anthology in the future and as such, will be copyrighted under the Bears&Buds company name. 


Please share your article ideas, suggested feature topics, dreams about the future of the site. We look forward to receiving your work for consideration.

After publication of your article, please send it to all your friends and collectors. Let them enjoy reading Bears&Buds® too!

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