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Pandas rolling and sliding in the snow!


Louisville Zoo welcomes new Polar bear




Teddy bears have an absolute blast riding a roller coaster

Polar bear dives towards zoo worker and plays with him through the glass of his aquarium in Belgium


Dead Whales Can Help Polar Bears Survive Warming Periods but May Be Too Hard to Find

Bears emerge from hibernation at West Island zoo

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Giant Teddy Bears Are Taking Over Paris for the Cutest Reason


Slow Arctic freeze raises risk of polar bear extinction, say scientists

For animals at Kansas City Zoo, how cold is too cold to be outside?

Delhi zoo’s winter preparation: Honey bread for bears, heater for chimpanzee



'I'm good, Mom,' only the bears need shots". LifeWorks hosts Teddy Bear Clinic helps put kids at ease


Hunkering down with the grizzly bears at the
North Carolina Zoo



The brown bears of Alaska's bear cam are already fighting for dominance

Excitement building as National Zoo keeps close tabs on possibly pregnant panda Mei Xiang


Fortress of Bears exhibit opens Saturday at the Great Plains Zoo

WATCH LIVE: Bears return to Brooks Falls to feast on salmon



World's Only Panda Triplets Celebrate
Lunar New Year

Could a bear break into that cooler?
Watch these grizzlies try



Get a close look at the polar bears in Churchill, Canada

After 42 Years, Yellowstone Grizzly Will Be Taken Off Endangered Species List

Big Black Bear Loves Splashing Around With Toys In His Tub

Christmas comes early for zoo polar bears with snow in July

New Video Shows Returning Pandas to the Wild Actually Works

Hungry Bear Shows Up Uninvited At Woman’s Porch After Smelling Her Freshly Baked Brownies

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The Universe Of Pop Culture Bears

Old film captured on YouTube. See "Teddy" Roosevelt at home

Read about
       Margarete Steiff 

A sweet photo of Christopher Robin with Winnie-the-Pooh.

Charles Moose, one of our Bears&Bud's Reporters, donated over a hundred books to a T.R. library at Dickinson State University. "Their site has a blog with a page of appreciation and includes mention of my donations," says Charles.

Things turn out the best for people who make the best of the way things turn out.

Making Millions Out of Teddy Bears

The Remarkable Theodore Roosevelt

By: Walt Sehnert from the McCook Daily Gazette in NE

Part One    

Part Two


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