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Valerie Rogers, Publisher/Excecutive Editor, who also serves as President for Bright Star Promotions, Inc. a leading teddy bear show promoter with nearly 700 shows produced, live and online, since 1982.

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It is the mission of to provide a forum of both promotion and self promotion by which the Professional Artists-Members may display their creations, be honored as creators and their contact information be easily accessible to our readers. We connect the artists and the collectors within the pages of Bears&Buds' bi-monthly online teddy bear magazine sometimes referred to as a Webzine.

Through the Global Directory listings, featured articles and the Annual URSA Awards Competition, members are able to participate directly with the web site which provides visibility and ongoing enthusiasm for the teddy bear industry. Collectors and readers are entertained, educated, and have  access to artist members 24/7.


Who's Who at Bears&Buds

Together at the Ann Arbor Teddy Bear Show

November 6, 2011

Left to Right

Ken Yenke (d), Bear Appraiser/ Writer,

Valerie Rogers, Publisher/Executive Editor,

Terry Michaud, Contributing Writer

BearsandBuds Publisher and Executive Editor

Valerie Rogers

Phone: (502) 423-7827

Assistant Editor, Graphic Designer and Writer

Dawn Emerson

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Feature Writers

Brenda Yenke

Terry Michaud
Gloria Chan

Patricia Bush

Claudia Schlue

Jonny Hawkins - cartoonist

Carolyn Carver

Dawn Emerson

Monica Spicer

Diana Stanton

Kay Cooper

Dee Mason

Martha Burch

Carol Miller

Serena Ellison

Kathryn Peck

Kathy Glenn

Bobbie Ripperger

Cindy McGuire

Neysa Phillippi

Sponsor of the yearly
URSA Awards Competition

Graphic design by Dawn Emerson


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Bears&Buds established Jan 12, 2005

Web site launched and first copyrighted online magazine was published on
March 15, 2005

Peek into our office

Valerie Rogers, Publisher/Executive Editor

Dawn Emerson, Assistant Editor and graphic artist.


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Jan from New Zealand, Dawn, Valerie and Neysa all contributing ideas to the web pages you enjoy so much!




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