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Tiger is fully airbrushed from head to toe. Starting with a soft neutral color, Judi transforms him into a tiger, using several layers of color to get the right effects. the process takes about two hours to complete.  Judi Paul


Ricky stands 11cm (4 ½”) tall. He is made from alpaca with ultra suede paws and fully jointed with a wobble neck joint and glass eyes. His face and paws are sculpted and painted to give him this cheeky character. Ricky is filled with glass sand and wool stuffing. Silvia Durrer

Nicmar is the white Snow Leopard. He is mohair with
all his markings completely airbrushed. Judi Paul



Furnanda is made from a recycled fur coat bear about 26 inches tall.  She has the works, needle felted open mouth with teeth, tongue and gum-line. She has armature and claws with airbrushed details. Judi Paul


Scruff is made from mohair viscose with glass eyes. He is fully jointed with a wobble neck joint. The sculpting and shading on his face and paw pads create his character. Scruff is filled with wool stuffing and glass beads in
his belly add a lovely weight.

Size: 16cm (6 1/4").

Silvia Durrer

Keagan is a little Irish Setter puppy. He was designed with seated rear legs, fully jointed, and sits at about 8" tall . Keagan is made out of imported plush, which is then extensively hand and airbrush shaded for the realistic Irish Setter colors. Keagan also sports a fully scissor and needle sculpted face and paws. Krista Griffiths



Frankie and the Fanciful Lion
Clown - 25" standing and are created from the same mohair, a sparse, dark backing from Germany.
The eyes in both are English premium glass and both have white surrounds. The lion's eyes are lidded with the mohair. Frankie has a redesigned costume from an M. Spicer pattern and the flowers are hand made and airbrushed wool felt. The pair are original designs and are one-of-a-kind. The designs will not be repeated.
Ed Spencer


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Gillian is 15 inches tall with slightly bent legs and two shades of hand dyed imported German mohair. She has glass eyes, a hand stitched pearl thread nose, wool paw pads with individually stitched and sculpted claws. Finished with several shades of airbrushed accents. Teri Crews


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