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"Bear Doctor Kay Cooper" restores a 67 years old and was sent to her from the other side of Australia


Artist Encouragement


For a few months now I have been reading about bear sales dropping off and times being so hard in bear world, I just want to say how much I appreciate people like Valerie Rogers of Bears&Buds, Dave Stack of Bear Pile and the writers of bear magazines; we artists owe you a debt of gratitude.

Things have changed in our world however staying positive is paramount.

Lets keep the love of bears flowing, encourage each other and be grateful we are given so many opportunities to do what we love.

If we take care of each other it would build up our industry and world.

You are talented! You are artists and you make the world a better place because of it.

I am currently working with Artists in other industries and they too have felt like things are getting hard, some are reinventing themselves creating new works; looking forward to new things and better sales.

Kay Lesley Cooper

Cooper Bears

Member since June 2012



Willy Wonka event in Australia attracts hundred's and
introducing many people to
Art vs. Depression.







Suggestion for easy set-up for show artists.

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For the new bear maker entering the world of teddy bears!

How Steiff Bears are made

Monica Spicer

Award winning artist from Australia teaches in her

web tutorial.

Direct from Cooper Bears Brian the BearComplete pattern or DVD instructions!

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New pattern with precise instructions from Cooper Bears; Elliott.

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Bear Maker or Bear Artist?

Bobbie Ripperger explains the differences.

Interesting teddy bear articles written by Ken Yenke.

Neysa Phillippi's

step by step instructions in three continuing chapters
Hooked on Felting

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Airbrushing Learn techniques for accenting your bears/buds with links to airbrushing sites.

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Cindy McGuire writes informative articles and explains more about

teddy bear making.
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Fiber Dyeing

Orata's adventures in the fiber arts.
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Tea Dyeing Ever wonder how to use tea to dye fabrics?

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Bobbie Ripperger  features include detailed articles that will educate and inspire you. Some articles require a B2B password.

About Mohair

Where does it come?
By Mohair Council of America

Let your dreams be your north star!

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