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Kay Cooper - Contributing Writer                                    August 2013

Well I have met some amazing people of late, many of them are at the beginning of their journey into the world of Bear Artistry. 

I guess it is worth saying that most of them are a bit nervous about those first steps out into a world the have long admired.

I think one of the most important things I shared with them is to protect yourself, people do not always intend to be mean but can really rain on your parade, its important to keep your self centered and understand not everyone is going to like your work, but by the same token everyone has different taste.

I once did a bear show and made 10 very different bears and took them to a group of students to look at, everyone of them picked a different bear as their favorite.

The concern lots of people have is “What If”, what if no one likes my bears, what if no one buys them. 

The big question here is, do you love making bears? 

Then it is never a waste of time to keep making them, each one you make will be better than the one before, selling them is a bonus.

Putting the bears out there in places like Bears& Buds and Bear Pile is like having a big shelf to put your creations on, it is a place to store them and show them off to a wider audience than just the people coming into your home, it is never a waste of time.

Each bear you make will bring you closer to the you in your work. So get going build your shelves and fill them with your bears.

Kay Lesley Cooper

Cooper Bears

Member since June 2012


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