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Why is your bear so expensive? by Kay Cooper
What Makes People Love Your Bears?  by Kay Cooper
Crochet bear pattern
Dressing for a Show and Success!
How Steiff Bears are Made
Monica Spicer's Bear Making Tips and Techniques
7 Secrets to Driving Customer Loyalty - from Country Business
Monica Splicer's Online Bear Making Tutorial
Photographing Miniature Bears
Tips on Cleaning Mohair and other Fabrics
Chiltern Teddy Bears article adapted by Ken Yenke
Stuffing 101: The Noun - by Cindy McGuire
Breaking News from Steiff and Schulte
Star in the World of Teddy Bears - Winnie The Pooh - by Diana Stanton

Continuing to be Creative in a Changing Economy by Cindy McGuire

Come, Be Seen Each Month - How to Submit Your Bears and Buds
How to Make Bears&Buds Work for You - Nesya Phillippi
Fliers to Print - Black and White or Colored - Tell everyone about us!
A Collector Is . . .  by Valerie Rogers
Steiff Bear sells on eBay - Ken Yenke
Money Making Ideas - Bright Star Promotions
Airbushing Technique
Starting a Collectibles Business - Samantha Higham
Needle Felting - In Depth by Bobbie Ripperger
Behind the Scenes - by Jacquie Pollitt
Why Sell at a Show? by Dawn Emerson
Using Steel Shot - by Ed Spencer
In The Loop - by Samantha Lutterotti: on crocheting
Gift Certificates for your Collectors
Photo and Web Page Tips - by Aerinna Mendoza

Mac Anderson - Founder of Successories, Inc and Simple Truths

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Show Disappointments What to do
How the URSA Voting is Determined - by Valerie Rogers
Born Again With Needle Felting - by Tina Grobler
Visit South Africa's Mohair Factory. LouBear
Bears&Buds Flier - to print and include with purchases
Tea Dyeing - How to use tea to dye fabrics and mohair by Staff Writer
Your Job is Selling by Valerie Rogers of Bright Star Promotions
Hand Dye - Kicking it up a notch by Kathy Glenn
What to do everyday
Kovel's Komments on the Collecting bug.
Bear Pile - Selling your bears online the easy way!
Keeping In Touch by Cindy McGuire
Teaching Your Bears to Sell by Linda Mead
Takes Only a Few Minutes by Diana Watts
Promoting Your Bears by Lisa Rosenbaum
Stand, Smile & Animate by Neysa Phillippi

People Who Need People by Virginia Jasmer

What Exhibitors Are Saying by Valerie Rogers
Cottage Industry; Part I & II by Cindy McGuire

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