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by Kay Cooper                                             May 2016

I have had some really amazing people who inspire me in my life not least of these is Valerie Rogers. 

I have had moments when I felt like I had just lost my mojo and bear making was not for me.  I had times when my bears seem to never sell on the online shows or on Bear Pile.


My confidence was often shattered and I questioned my own work. 


Valerie always pushed me gently forward, telling me to raise my Wonder Woman shields to protect my heart, especially when I was bullied and people were not kind.  


At one point I felt like just giving up altogether. 


Then I hit a point where I decided something very profound.   I love to make bears! "No surprise there." I hear you saying.


However this was so much more than a passing thought. Not only do I love making bears, they are my bliss; my happy place and the thing I do that brings me joy. 


So when I finally realized this is what I love, weather people buy them or not, does not matter! What truly matters is following my bliss.



I make bears that I love!


I am mostly always happy because I am on the right path, I am doing what I am meant to be doing.  


At a recent dinner with friends, one of them brought his new friend along. A lovely young lady that I thought was so sweet but still underneath a bit sad. 

As the night progressed conversation turned to what I do.  She grabbed her phone to look at my Facebook page,  website  and Bear Pile.  She was delighted with my work and said “ Your so lucky to do what you love.” 


As the night went on she admitted that she had been an artist, a painter and that in fact the schools she graduated from had bought some of her art work and it still hung in the halls of her old school. 


I asked her, "so what have you painted lately? Do you have photos to share?"   She looked at me and sighed, "No, I have done nothing with my art for so long." 


She hated her job and was really not happy.  I asked why and she said, "I have no time."   I replied, "Can you find 10 minutes a day to spare?"

She said. "yes."


I said "good, then set up and easel with a blank canvas and every day find 10 minutes to go in and do something, even if its only to look at the canvas and dream.   Her eyes suddenly started to light up with excitement. I could see it had hit the mark. A spark of hope and maybe inspiration!




We have things in us that drive us to the things we love and should be doing.


Put your foot in the direction you want to go and start walking. 


Don’t worry about the negatives or people not understanding why; just follow your bliss do what your meant to be doing!



When you do everything changes, your work will reflect your joy, you will reflect joy and you will attract happiness.



Kay Lesley Cooper

Cooper Bears

Member since June 2012


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