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Fact of the Day: magazine

The word magazine also means 'storehouse', and all magazines are collections of articles and advertisements published at regular intervals. Often, the content of magazines does not date as quickly as that of newspapers. Magazines are printed on longer-lasting paper and cover every imaginable topic, ranging from very specialized scientific journals to more general lifestyle and fashion magazines. Features are the staple of magazines and vary according to the type of magazine. These articles look at a particular subject in depth, often accompanied by photographs or illustrations. The first magazine published in America was The American Magazine, or a Monthly View of the Political State of the British Colonies, edited by John Webbe and published in Philadelphia in 1741. It appeared just three days before Benjamin Franklin's 'General Magazine and Historical Chronicle for All the British Plantations in America'.

Many printed magazines nowadays are going to a digital format, bringing news to you the instant it happens. Bears&Buds was the first online teddy bear magazine to be published. Other's are following suit.

Vintage Chatelaine

In Depth - Needle Felting

Bobbie's 6 part series on Needle Felting
Chapter 1 - Just the facts: Understanding fiber art.

Chapter 2-6 continue in the B2B section and require a password.

Issue: Beginning January 2008


The Felted Bear

Bobbie writes about Alecia Edwards who creates bears and buds with the needle-felting technique.

Issue: March 2007


Rotary Cutters

Speed up your cutting time with a rotary cutter.

Issue: February 2007


All About Thimbles

Learn the history of thimbles and the various kinds that protect our artists fingers.

Issue: November 2007


Wool Gathering

Needle felting featuring Tammy Martin of Boston Bears.

Issue: January 2007


Magnifying Aids

Arms getting shorter? Bobbie shows many ways to magnify your work with an assortment of gadgets and tools.

Issue: December 2006


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