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Jan Cuming                                    February 2017

Overlooking Wellington Bay in New Zealand, Jan Cuming of Jinglebears-NZ prepared for Christmas and a special visitor, Valerie Rogers, Editor/Publisher of Bears&Buds Online Magazine.

Friends for 16 years, this was the first time Valerie took the 38 hour trip to visit.

Normally, Jan treks across
the ocean to visit the United States annually; shopping for vignette pieces for her teddy bears and to participate in teddy bear shows.


Since it was Christmas time, Jan had all her holiday decorations on display. She
is an avid collector of elves and Christmas paraphernalia. Jan created a place where Valerie found herself immersed in holiday spirit.

Every corner of the house seemed to tell the story
of the upcoming holiday.

Valerie brought with her some additional Christmas items to bring a little bit of Kentucky to New Zealand.


"Santa" even sent a bottle of her favorite root beer!


Jan, who was born in New Zealand, keeps very busy juggling her bear making in between long hours at the pharmacy that she manages. But bears are her passion.

“My love for bears started early,” she confided. “I still have my original teddy who has traveled and lived overseas with me."

So it didn’t take much for
Jan to begin collecting teddy bears.


“As an adult, I started to collect vintage and artist teddy bears during regular visits to the teddy bear shows.”




Bear on a Drum





It was during one show that she found a piece of mohair and inspiration hit her. She purchased a commercial pattern determined to create her own bear.

One thing led to another and with some adjustments and a spark of her own creativity, Jinglebears-NZ was born.


Many of the bears and vignettes encompass her
love of Christmas; elaborate decorations and bows (she’s famous for her bows) adorn her bears. Many wear hand made smocked dresses and sweaters that her mother knitted before she passed away; making them all the more special.

The bears Jan makes are known for their attention
to detail; open mouths, precision embroidered noses, blanket-stitched jackets and as many of know, her love of glitter.

The visit ended too soon and another 38 hour return trip saw Valerie safely home, bringing back souvenirs from her trip and tales of the little bastion of Christmas on the hilly island, in the middle of the ocean where bears, elves and Bears&Buds spent the holiday with their friend, Jan.



Jan Cuming

Jinglebears New Zealand

Member since April 2005












Jan's love of Christmas time reflects in the holiday gear she makes and wears.
Even her staff wore the glittery head gear!

Jan decorated 2 trees loaded with elves, and red and green ornaments. Elves seem to be everywhere!


Editors note:

What a wonderful and exciting visit I had in New Zealand.


Jan was the perfect hostess and because of her work, I was on my own a lot to explore.

The people were friendly, the food marvelous, and I sure do miss the scrumptious coffee and pastries!


A platter of fish and chips kept us full all day!


Thank you for the years of friendship, sharing your marvelous energy and talent with all, and for the marvelous holiday!

Taking the cable car to the top of the hill and standing in the same place as other photographers have; capturing the same photo, was definitely a joy!

Wellington is known as one of the windiest cities in the world. The travel brochures don't tell you that!


Summer temperatures and we still wore coats, sweaters and hats. Now I know why Jan wears that cute short hairdo!


Cheers to all. I will see you in the Fall
at the Ann Arbor Teddy Bear Show!

Jan Cuming


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