Company Name: Jinglebears
Contact Name: Jan  Cuming
Address: 4 Fortunatus St
City: Wellington
Zip/Postal: 6021
Country: New Zealand
Phone: 64-4 389-7788
Toll Free:
Fax: 64-4 389-7788
Categories: ANTIQUES/VINTAGE:Accessories , Bears, Other Collectibles, Vintage
ARTIST, Limited Editions, OOAK
BEARS:Bears-Christmas, Bears-Clowns, Bears-Costumed, Bears-Country-Style, Bears-Dressed, Bears-Easter, Bears-Ethnic, Bears-Fables, Bears-General, Bears-Halloween, Bears-Hand-dyed/Colored, Bears-Heirloom/Memory, Bears-Lady, Bears-Large, Bears-Mid-Size, Bears-Military/Soldiers, Bears-Mohair, Bears-Nautical, Bears-Other, Bears-Pandas, Bears-Patriotic, Bears-Personalized, Bears-Polar, Bears-Romantic, Bears-Royalty, Bears-Seasonal, Bears-Special Occasion, Bears-Storybook, Bears-Themed, Bears-Traditional, Bears-Victorian, Bears-Vintage, Bears-Whimsical
BUDS (NOT BEARS):Gollies, Rabbits
ROOM BOXES/VIGNETTES:Roomboxes/Vignettes
Goods/Services: Jinglebears are made of imported mohair with glass eyes, large hand embroidred noses and silk wired large bows at the neck. Most bears come with two `jingle bells` tied on the ribbon. Jan Cuming is noted for her one-of-a-kind vignettes which include a bear and vintage accessories that help weave a story line.
Awards/Special Recognition: URSA Winner 2008, 2009, 2010 URSA Awards Winner; Second Place Category 2; Esme
2016 Third Place URSA Award.
Editorial Coverage: Been featured in two Australian Teddy Bear Magazines, photographs of Jan have appeared in Teddy Bear Times, Teddy Bear Review and Teddy Bear & Friends. Front cover and feature article in Bears&buds` December 2006

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