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What is Bear Pile?

Bear Pile is a collection of handmade teddy bears put on display by the bear
artists themselves. Collectors can browse the thousands of bears displayed
and adopt directly from the bear artist with no additional price markups.

Browse all the different types of handmade teddy bears and fall in love with each bear. New artist bears are added daily.

Whether you are a bear artist yourself, or just a teddy bear lover who makes room for just one more bear, you'll find from our Bear Pile member.

For Teddy Bear Collectors:
* Thousands of artist bears listed from 215+ bear artists
* New bears added daily and are shown on the front page of the web site.
* Easy to navigate and view individual artists collections
* FREE to browse and to contact the bear artists

For Bear Artists:
* Easily upload photos and descriptions and manage your collection
* Collectors deal directly with you. No additional selling fees.
* Web site URL included (
* $14.95 a month for unlimited bear postings.

* 12,000 page viewers a month


Here is what our Bears&Buds Professional Members are saying about Bear Pile

Hi Dave,

I just wanted to thank you for providing the tool for successfully selling my OOAK teds.

I've been a featured artist on your site for about six months, listed 19 bears and sold them all, three have been sold in less than an hour after being listed. I think part of the reason for the quick sale is the number of "hits" to your web site. One of my bears has over 10,000 views and I know this would never have happened on an auction site.
Ed Spencer

tEddie Bears

Member since February 2007


I have had my web-site on Bear Pile for several years now. At first it was a little foreign to me, doing my own web-site, but Dave makes it so easy I actually enjoy updating my site to let the collectors around the world see my new creations.

It took a little while for my sales to get going, I always made enough to cover the cost of the site, which is VERY affordable, so it was well worth doing.

Now I have regular sales and have sent bears to several different countries as well as the U.S. I think the furthest buyer lives in Western Australia!

I now have collectors regularly looking for new bears. It is not just good for sales either, I have people checking out the web site before shows to see what I  may be bringing to the next show. 

It is always fun for me to go to Bearpile to see what new creations other artists have also, I love seeing the ones from other countries that I wouldn't see otherwise.

I appreciate all the work Dave has done and continues to do with Bear Pile, it has certainly helped my business.

Jacquie Pollitt


Member since March 2005


Hi everyone!

I have to say that I have had a very good experience listing my bears on Bear Pile. I try to add bears to Bear Pile at the very same time I add them to my website.

It is so easy to list on Bear Pile. I can go to my website, copy the bear’s description, go to Bear Pile and paste the text, add the pictures and it is done. I usually end up listing several at one time and am always amazed that when I get done, I can go to Bear Pile’s home page and see that my bears have already had anywhere from 3 to 10 “hits” from collectors looking at them already in just that few minutes.

You really cannot beat the price to list on Bear Pile! I have had very good results listing there and have not had to worry about “scammers” ending myonline auction listings. I like that the fact that Bear Pile send me email notifications when someone enquires about my bears. I can communicate with the collector directly to complete the transaction.

Sonya Shaw

Sunnie Bears

Member since June 2005


I have used and relied upon Bear Pile for a few years now, and it always amazes me the amount of traffic this site sees!

Because of Bear Pile, my sales have increased, as well as the number of people who are now viewing my work!

Matching Bears& Buds and Bear Pile can only increase the exposure for beginning artists like myself, and Bear Pile is a wonderful avenue for anyone wishing to display their work. The user firendly set-up literally takes seconds, so is wonderful for even the most novice of computer users. Overall, a fantastic site to use!
Anita Spero

East Bench Bears
Member since March 2006

I have been listing bears on Bear Pile for about a year and a half and I am very pleased with the results. Every month I hear from someone who has seen my bears on Bear Pile giving me the opportunity to make direct sales, taken orders for similar bears and added names to my mailing list. All of this exposure that my bears have received on Bear Pile.
Bear Hugs,
Terrie Kalaputas
Terries Bears
Member since June 2007

I find to be a great way to get my bears out before the buyers when I'm not attending shows. Sales for me are ok, not great, but ok. I do get quite a few from outside the US, collectors that I certainly would have never meet at home or at shows.

Bear Pile works well. Most buyers use PayPal and I have only had a few contacting me that weren't really going to buy. I did have one "Nigerian scam" emailer which led to Dave's adding the fraud alert to the site emails he sends out. He watches out for us.

Dave's new fee schedule is affordable and PayPal fees nominal, increasing my profits. An added bonus for me, is the ease in updating my "pages" ! I can delete or add with ease!

I hear from my friends/collectors that they enjoy being able to cruise Bear Pile's artists and see what's new. They also enjoy being able to see bears from artists around the world.

I think links between Bearpile and Bear&Buds would be good for both!
Bettina Groh
Glass Dragon Teddy Bears
Member since March 2007

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