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Ogden, Utah February 1, 2006 - Before you spend any more

time and money marketing your bears on eBay, check

out the new The Teddy Patch, destined to become collectors’

#1 trusted online auction source for the very best teddy

bear products at great prices!

The Teddy Patch, which caters to arctophiles and artists

world-wide, present a highly focused target market

audience - no waste, all impact!

Since artists who wish to benefit from The Teddy Patch's

exclusive auction services, must become members, the

end result is a truly dedicated and professional group

who offer the finest works offered to a targeted client

base, where a higher percentage of items will sell for

preferred, premium pricing.

New owner, Luralee Wheatley, is not a newcomer to the

teddy bear world.  She is an accomplished, award-winning

artist through her company, Bear Necessities Originals,

and specializes in exquisite collectable dogs. 

According to Luralee, who has over ten years of successful

marketing and business experience, “I’was searching

for an affordable, focused, auction-based internet site

through which to buy and sell bears.  When I learned

The Teddy Patch was for sale, I knew I had found what

I wanted! I believe the site's potential is tremendous

and I intend to focus my efforts towards offering a first-class

alternative to eBay!”

Luralee purchased The Teddy Patch in November, 2005

and immediately completed a major upgrade of the original

software.  Much more user friendly, Luralee has added

new options to the site which provide for increased artist

exposure as well as preferred customer rates for members

who maintain certain listing levels.

The Teddy Patch pricing structure is simple and affordable.

Unlike some other sites that charge 30% or more, The Teddy

Patch charges a flat 3% rate for all completed sales!

All basic listing are FREE! Affordably priced options to enhance

your listings are also available.

Membership is FREE and for a limited time, new members will

receive a $15 seller credit.

If you are an artist looking for an inexpensive and effective

way to market your creations, The Teddy Patch is the place for you!


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