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The URSA Award Winner's Lapel Pins


How they are designed

by Diana Stanton                                     February 2022

Winning in the URSA Awards Competition is rewarding in itself, but then add the prestigious awards, ribbons, surprise gifts and a unique lapel pin, makes the URSA Awards Competition even more rewarding.


Over the years, Valerie Rogers, the Editor of Bears&Buds, along with a very talented pin designer, Luke, come up with a different design each year.


All the 16 lapel pins have special meaning in their designs.


The first URSA Award Competition was held in 2006, and there was not a pin created for that year; Valerie and Luke had not met. 


They'll soon be creating the 17th Annual URSA Awards Competition pin, and in mid March artists from around the world can enter online.  Voting is by Bears&Buds readers, artists friends and family. No jury; as every piece enter is seen and voted on.


Artists, how many of these 1 1/4" tall lapel pins
have you won in the past?


Another URSA Awards Competition challenge awats the artists in 2022 along with another unique pin to be designed!




The first pin, 2007 was round and contained the URSA bear.

The bear is from the constellation and is the icon of the URSA Awards Competition

In 2008, a small banner was placed under the pin, stating the third annual competition.


The maker didn't quite get the colors correct, but we love the pin anyway.



Celebrating the Fourth Annual URSA Awards, this pin has 4 sides. Big impressive pin for 2009
Keeping up with the idea of number of sides, the 2010 Fifth Annual URSA Awards pin has 5 sides.
And so the Sixth Annual URSA Awards pin had six sides, along with the logo. 2011
Making things a little different in 2012 for the Seventh Annual URSA pin had 7 sides and a large 7 to announce the year.
Luke and Valerie decided on something special for the 2013 Eighth Annual URSA and designed a figure eight for the lapel pin. Or is that infinity?
2014 dark background made the URSA bear stand out for the Ninth Annual URSA Awards pin.
More fun with numbers, the 2012, Tenth Annual pin had lots of color and text.
Bears&Buds was excited with the Eleventh Annual URSA Awards Competition, so the number was bigger.
Manufacturing techniques changed and the 2017 Twelfth Annual pin had cut outs and the URSA bear squeezed in between the numbers.
For the Thirteenth Annual URSA Awards pin, one of the familiar shapes but slightly more modern look was given to the 2018 pin.
2019's design was again different, using the Around The World to symbolize the worldwide Fourteenth URSA Awards Competition.
In 2020 glitter became a popular part of the Fifteenth Annual URSA Award pin.
It sure does sparkle.
The Sixteenth Annual URSA Awards Competition pin was a familiar round shape and a sparkle background set off the bear, along with 16 little nubs around the edge.

Teddy bear and soft sculpture artists, worldwide are invited to enter the 17th Annual URSA Awards Competition beginning in mid March 2022.


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