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 Carol Miller - Guest Writer                    February 2018
The Year of the Pig 2019

This year will be the first year we celebrate the Chinese New Year which is also known as Spring Festival at The Teddy Bear Makers Work Shoppe.

All of my pandas are in charge of food and decorations subject to my approval of course.

Chu, Su Lee and May Xhan


I have really gotten an education during the planning for The Chinese New Year Celebration which is a 15 day event starting February 5th through the 19th 2019.


May Xhan insisted we have Chinese lanterns, lots of coins and red pockets for gifting.


We need to purchase door gods and pigs since this year is the year of the pig.


We are only having ceramic pigs much to Rowdy’s disappointment because he thought he could practice roping them and legitimately break his new year’s resolution.

So the story goes; on the eve of the Chinese New Year children are given coins to bribe the monster and keep evil spirits and demons away. I know, what Monsters and demons? Very Scary!

Apparently as legend has it according to Su Lee there was a monstrous creature named Nian and a demon named Sui that appeared once yearly.


Nian came from the woods and would devour entire villages. Sui would touch the children's foreheads in their sleep condemning them to bad luck for the coming year but could be scared away by the light reflected off of their coins placed on their pillows. That's why the children are given coins.



Su Lee still has nightmares about Nian and Sui, poor thing so we will also hang door gods on the front door for extra protection and we should be very safe.

For our feast we will have traditional spring rolls, dumplings, noodles, rice cakes and vegetable dishes of seaweed, lotus seeds, bamboo shoots and muskmelons.

This will require a trip to the Asian Market for sure.



Chu (left), Frankie and Rowdy wanted to have steamed fish but I drew the line about that because I am not having whole fish steamed or not on my table and that goes for steamed chicken with the heads on as well.


They don’t even like fish they just wanted to freak my girls out that are not Asian. We don't eat game with the heads still attached in the south even though it is good luck in China to do so.

Chu wants to have a parade and dragon dance but that may have to wait until next year until I learn more about making dragon costumes.


There are so many traditions
I am still learning about that are part of the celebration
that I have not included but
I am sure we will have many wonderful things to eat and to celebrate the year of the Pig.


For now we will be content on watching a lantern festival and dragon dance on the computer or TV unless I can find one to take them to.

We wish you all Worldwide peace (tian xia’ ta’i ping) and longevity and fortune (quin qiu wan sui') from The Teddy Bear Makers Work Shoppe.

Carol D. Miller

The Teddy Bear Maker
Member since July 2014

© Copyright January 13, 2019
Carol Miller - The Teddy Bear Maker, FL

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