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12th Annual Honk Kong Teddy Bear Association


Awards Ceremony

Held in Kowloon    Gloria Chan Director            January 2017

The entries in this years contest.


This year we have the pleasure of welcoming
Mr. & Mrs Cooper from Australia. 

They arrived two days before the ceremony.


Kay is a renown, award winning teddy bear artists Living in Perth.


Dr. Schache came to my shop with his family. He was in Honk Kong for the annual toy fair.


I known him since 1996 and we were honored to have him attend the awards too.


He knew many of my students when we all visited the German Bear Fairs.


Dr.Schache is with the German soft toys company called Koesener which produce high quality, true-to-life animals.

After the awards presentation he invited me to visit his bear festival in Bad Kosen, Germany at the end of this year.
If I will go there I will report the show for Bears&Buds

As their bear teacher, I am very happy to see such success in each student and delighted they have won awards.


Congratulations to all.

Best wishes, Gloria

Youngster Division

Ocean Tsang Youngster, 1st runner-up
of Bear or friends with toys

Kallie Wong Youngster champion
of Bear or Friends with Toys

Dr. Schache was very amazing with ability of the Hong Kong
young bear makers. He said in Germany there no young bear makers to his knowledge.


Master Division

Amy Mak
Master 1st runner-up

Bear with toys

Daisy Ng
  Master 2nd runner up of
 Bear with toys

Dilys Pang
Master Champion
Bear with Toys

Left to right  are Ms Lai, Tina Ho, Chiu Hiu Yin and Chan Ying Hei

Fashion Bear Category

Angela Yip
Champion of Master
HK Fashion Bear

Dilys Pang
1st runner-up of
Master HK Fashion Bear

Etta Wong
2nd runner-up of
Master HK Fashion Bear

Master Class

Jada Tam
Master nominated
of HK Fashion BEAR

Artist Class

Li Miu Hau
Artist Champion of
HK Fashion Bear

Jo Shuen
Artist 2nd runner-up
of HK Fashion Bear

Ho Chung Yee
Artist  Class 1st runner -up
of HK Fashion Bear

Youngster Class

Tina Ho
Youngster 2nd Runner-up
of HK Fashion Bear

Chan Ying Hei
Youngster Champion
of HK Fashion Bear

Chiu Hiu Yin
Youngster 1st Runner-up
of HK Fashion Bear


















Gloria Chan
Gloria Handicraft Studio
Member since June 2009
Reception and Ceremony

Reception followed the awards.



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