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April 2020                                                 Carol Miller

My Teddy bears are worried about the Corona Virus and had a lot of questions about it, so we called our Teddy Bear Doctor and got some answers that we wanted to share with you.

Charlie and Benjamin were teasing the girls and told them they would give them Covid–19 cooties and were chasing them around the house until I put a stop to that behavior. Which is what prompted us to call the Teddy Bear Doctor in the first place.

They are getting a little cabin fever and know they can’t go outside because all the children in our neighborhood want to hug them every time they go out and they have heard of social distancing. I wish some people I knew had heard of it.

The next big question the teddy bears wanted to know was if they could catch this virus and the answer was no because Teddy Bears are immune to it, and as it turns out the rabbits and panda rabbits are also.

All were relieved especially Arvilla and Frankie since they have had crushes on each other since before Valentine’s day and are rarely 6 feet apart.

Donavan and Escott asked if they could be carriers and the doctor said only if they left my shoppe and someone with the virus touched them that it could live on their fur for a while. All of them promised they would stay here with me so I can hug them anytime I want to and never worry.

If I have to leave I take many precautions so I don’t bring the virus home and never hug them until I am decontaminated.

My pandas were worried that because people were calling it the Chinese virus their friends would not like them anymore and the teddy bear doctor said the real name of the virus was Covid-19 and not the Chinese virus and only mean people called it that. The rest of us were not worried because we would love them no matter what it was called but I wanted them to have accurate information.

Benjamin and Rowdy asked if they could catch it from honey because they just could not bear having to give up their honey. The Teddy Bear doctor assured them they could not catch it from honey but to make sure if I brought any new containers home with honey that I disinfected the container and we would be okay.

We want the world to know it is okay to hug your teddy bear because they need hugs especially in this scary time we are living in.

Have you hugged your teddy bears today?

Sending you lots of love and teddy bear hugs from all of us at The Teddy Bear Makers Work Shoppe!

Carol D. Miller

The Teddy Bear Maker
Member since July 2014



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