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Mother’s Day 2017

Story by: Carol Miller                                         June 2017
This year for Mother’s Day I asked the bears, rabbits and panda-rabbits how we should celebrate mother’s special day.

Callie was feeling a little melancholy and missing her mother. She said, “I’m missing her chicken and dumplings most of all.”


She told me that if her mom WAS her favorite food she would be “Chicken and Dumplings,” because she was warm, soft and fluffy; the same as the dumplings she used to make.


What a comforting picture that painted for me; our Moms making our favorite foods. We decided to prepare a feast on Mother’s Day, consisting of all those foods our Moms used to make. Maybe then we would not miss them as much.


That became the theme of this article and here is what the other bears told us if their Mothers would be their favorite food.

Noenja’s Mom, in the Netherlands, would be “Pannenkoeken,” which are delicious Dutch pancakes served with bacon, apples, cheese topped with Stroop,
a Dutch rich tasting syrup.

Impulse, who is Russian, says his Mom would be “Beef Stroganoff” with mushrooms and sour cream all served over mashed potatoes.


His mom always made that for him on special holidays.


A flood of memories came over him.

Herta's Mom, who is German, says her Mom would be “Plum Cake or Cream Puffs,” because her Mom is so sweet.


She loves to bake treats for her children.

My panda-rabbit girls, Railee and Ronnie Blue who are from New Orleans, tell me their Moms are definitely “Bread Pudding,” because they make the best in the south and it is as sweet she is.


Who would think stale bread, eggs, milk, butter, a pinch of nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla extract and brown sugar could be such a wonderful treat. They say it reminds them that even the less fortunate can make a scrumptious deserts.

Rowdy, who comes from a long line of country folks, tells me his Mom would be “Black-eyed peas, corn, tomatoes and mayo with corn bread.”


A tasty treat made for a big country family.

Nicholas is from Pennsylvania and says his Mom would be “Apple Dumplings,” because every baking day she made them for desert; and nobody makes them like his Mom!

Chu, and the other pandas, are going to surprise us with some of their Mom’s favorite Asian foods.


They agreed that those foods would surely be like their Mothers.


None of us can pronounce the food names but we know they will be delicious.

Rebecca Jo, is from the south too, and told us her mom would be a “Pecan Pie,”  so sweet and filled with pecans, just like the ones she shelled for the pie.


Those pies taught her that hard work has to be done in order to receive the reward.


If your mom was your favorite food what would she be?


While were are making and eating all these wonderful dishes, that remind us of our Mothers and Home Sweet Home, we all want to wish all the Mom’s a very special Mother’s Day.


A day filled with great food and memories!

Carol D. Miller

The Teddy Bear Maker
Member since July 2014


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