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World Record Setting Teddy Bears

The biggest and the smallest

The First Teddy Bear


I Need New Batteries!

Caring and Sharing Teddy Bears

The Warner Collection

MOHAIR . . .

The First Choice of Teddy Bears Everywhere!

Sew Many Bears . . . Sew Little Time!

Artist share how many bears they've made during their career along with the first bear to the latest bear photos!



  Forever Young ...

NOW - Terry and Doris at a recent wedding.

August the lovely couple celebrate their 62nd wedding anniversary!

Terry is often heard saying," Doris, I'll give you another 62 years and if it doesn't work, I'm outta here!" 

Congratulations to a wonderful, caring and teddy bear-loving couple!

THEN - 62 years ago

at their wedding! 


Christopher Robin's Friend.

Chapter from Bears Repeating by the Michauds.

Order your autographed copy today!

The Duke & Duchess of Portobella

From Bears Repeating book by The Michauds. Order your autographed copy today!

Tommy's Story from Bears Repeating book by The Michauds. Order your autographed copy today!


Building a Quality Teddy Bear Collection

Wood Carved Bears

England Tour 2011 Review

Teddy Bears of Another Genre

Teddy Bears of Another Genre

Part Deux

Button Keeper

Between creative free lance writing, Terry designs and creates jewelry out of found and recycled materials. His latest creation is called the Button Keeper, and it is a pendant that allows the wearer to display one of their antique buttons in it without harming the button.

Button Keeper Video & Demo - Click on the button 

Got A Product to Sell?
Hire at Teddy Bear!

It's a Pig

It's a Cow

It's a Spider - It's a STEIFF!


Happy Birthday
Smokey Bear!

Celebrating Every August!

British 2010 Tour Review

Raggedy Ann, Teddy's Friend Too!

Men Taking Over the World of Teddy Bears!

Bears In My World

Introduction by Terry Michaud

Article by: Doris Criss Nadon

True Confessions

of a Bear Maker

Teddy Sez:

"I've Got a Secret"


England Tour 2009 Review

Send in the Clowns

What's Your Bear Worth?


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