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Teddy Bear Hospital for Children's

'Sick' Bears'

March 2020                                                  Kay Cooper

"We are so happy to be taking our Teddy Bear Hospital to the next level," began Kay Cooper of Cooper Bears from Perth, Australia.


"We realized that for children, taking a beloved toy or friend for repairs, can be a bit traumatic and difficult.


So we created an actual teddy bear hospital as a place children and 'big children' can come and visit or spend time with the bears who are being 'treated'.


A feature of the hospital is a bed and we have a basket of bandages so children can bandage their injured bears while in a happy environment.

We have some medical supplies like stethoscopes so they can listen to the bear's heart beats and a special table with bear pages for them to colour." said Kay


"Often my grand daughter is the nurse on call, helping the patients as they recover from surgery!"


Editors Note:  Read how happy bear owners are, once Kay repaired and restored their beloved bears!  Learn more....

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