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Preparing for the teddy bear competition

Big sister (age 11) helps her younger sister (age 4) who is the youngest bear maker in the competition, make her little bear.


Happy Mother watches her daugher making a bear and smiles.

Idy, one of the URSA Award Competitions winners works on her new design.

Preparing for the bear show as there was a lot to be done.


John Leung stands in front ot The East where the show is being held. He is very happy with the bear he made.


Decorating the Christmas tree with the St Francis' School pupils' hand-made teddy bears.

Erik Cheung, one of the judges, inspects all the bears.
Setting up the exhibits

Flora's display box.

Angela's display box


Louise Chow with her bears in he display box.

Miss Hong Kong of 2013 with HK bears.


Etta-Amy-Idy and Dilys


The HKTBA Chairperson Gloria with HKTBA (right) and member Ms. Angela Yip explain to the visitors how a teddy bear is made.

Gloria talks about the tools need for making bears.

E-Max Presentation and workshop.

E-Max where teachers taught students to make little bear ornaments.

Learning the details on how to make a little bear.

Sisters learning to make little bears.






See the competition bears and the winners.  More ...

Angela Yip (3rd from the right) helps the children make their small bear ornaments during the exhibit.

Christmas, E-Max Bear top artists gathered in Hong Kong, with the original creative works, crafts and other aspects of technical and artistic talent to compete for the annual Hong Kong Teddy Award. All the artists together to needlework produced more Christmas gifts to celebrate Christmas. E-Max Wu Ruoxi popular singer invited to attend the "Teddy Bear 9th ceremony," and we celebrate Christmas early.


Watch the Video of the Presentation and children making bears!


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