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                                                                                    November 2012

Candy Corn

In beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, Carolyn Robbins makes her home with her husband and three cats.

"I feel very fortunate to be able to work in my home studio, doing something I love."

Coming from a very creative and artistically gifted family, Carolyn has been involved in sewing and crafts from a young age. "I feel my journey into bear making began as a progression in the line of handiwork

I have done since my childhood."

Continuing with that passion, she worked as a wardrobe artist and stylist for many years before bear making entered her world."I believe that experience taught me many things that I use today to design and create my tiny creations."

Her first bears were 12" tall, made from a purchased pattern and created of acrylic fur from the fabric store. "Working with acrylic fur it seemed to fly everywhere. I could not stand it and I decided to try mohair; I never looked back!"

Add to that her love of all things small, Carolyn began creating miniature mohair teddy bears in 1995 and established her original business,

The Patchwork Ark.

The Patchwork Ark included miniature bears, as well as home decorating items. She would later add dolls to the product line.

After enjoying the artistry she saw in pieces by other teddy bear artists, Carolyn decided to split her company into several distinct branches and Warm Heart Bears was founded.



The bear's new home was considered to be where you will find "Handmade One-of-a-kind Lovable Bears that Warm Your Heart."

Carolyn designs approximately 30 to 40 new bears each year and makes them entirely by herself. "I guess you would say I am a one woman show."

She is best known for making miniature bears ranging from 2" to 4" in size. She's recently begun adding

5" to 8" bears into her collections.

The most gratifying part of her "job" is to have her work accepted by other artists, and by so many collectors around the world. "I am thankful every day that my handwork brings joy to so many." It is something she finds truly rewarding.

Although she enjoys selling her bears in a variety of places, she finds it most gratifying to sell at shows where she can have contact directly with the collectors and listen to their stories about how much the bears have touched their hearts.

"I love creating items for collectors that are looking for something to bring meaning into their lives," Carolyn said. "Lots of people enjoy sharing their home with little furry friends and find that they bring happiness into their daily lives."


Carolyn Robbins

Warm Heart Bears

Member since September 2012





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