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Hello Valerie,

YOU MADE ME CRY! Yesterday evening, while I was cooking, my husband told me: "Annalisa come and see, so you will cry!" I couldn't believe at my eyes! I don't know if I can describe all  my emotions!! When I saw I began to cry as I was thinking if only my parents could see the article (they both are deceased). The feature article is way beyond imagination! It has touched my heart! MANY MANY MANY THANKS, I haven't enough words to tell you: THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME FEEL THE BEST!
You have been my star!



The Tuscany Bear Maker

Dear Valerie!

Thank you! And thanks for the lovely URSA ribbons and gifts! I love it! I and my students will be celebrating and will have a little winners party!



URSA Winner 2009 from Ukraine

Hi Valerie,
I received my package from you containing my URSA prizes. What a surprise! I wasn't expecting all that you had sent. The way you had packaged everything was a very nice touch.

Thank you!

Bear hugs,

Brenda Parker    BrendaBears

I just received my URSA-Award and I just want to say thank you so much, this ribbon is soooo beautiful, and all those lovely gifts, the coaster is so great, the pin as well and Soggy Bottom Boy and Ruby Bear are already having fun together!   Once again, thank you sooo much for everything!


Natascha Sabo

Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts that were sent with the awards! That was so thoughtful and I'm sure it was a lot of work for you and your staff. I sent some of the pieces to the collector whom adopted the winning kitten and she was very pleased. The URSA Awards Competition is definitely worth entering just for the exposure, but the special gifts were the icing on the cake!

Thank you,


KJ Lyons Design

Thank you Valerie,

I have received mine already, the afternoon before my show, I really appreciate it. It looked great on my display, and I was sooo proud to show it off!!!

Beary kind regards,

Kim Russell Bears

Hi Valerie,

 I just received my awards and assorted goodies.  Thank you very much!!! Thank you again for my awards and goodies! 

Tropical Teddy Bear Hugs!
Marge Wiese

Princess4Paws Designs & Creations



Hi Valerie, just this evening when I returned home from work I found your prizes!!! It's has been really exciting to open your box after dinner with my husband and my daughters present!! My eyes were empty of tears of happiness!!!!!! I want to thank you and your staff. My compliments for your wonderful contest. It's absolutely all fantastic and it is really very very well organized. Each detail is perfect and I think that every winner feels like a QUEEN! THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALL!  I do not know if I can explain the emotions I'm feeling! This day began very well: this morning really early when I went and see on TWTBA (Taiwan Teddy Bear & Creative Award) on Taiwan, where I have had three nominations! this evening the day finished with your box!!!!! Now, I go to sleep because my alarm rings at 6 a.m. A great Kiss for you and compliments again for all your staff!



The Tuscany Bear Maker

Hi Valerie! Your marvelous box arrived today and it was just like Christmas! The brilliant award would have been good enough, but my oh my at the goodies! I so appreciate all you've done for me and other bear makers over the years I've known you and this "going the extra mile" makes you so dear to my heart. You have really made me feel special - as you have done so often in the past.    Thanks for everything!

Love and hugs, Donna


1st PLACE !!! My family and I are so excited about it I can’t wait to see you and give you a hug.

Thanks again



Hi Skipper! Hi Valerie! Just to let you both know that Sweet Pea has arrived safe and sound! She is a beautiful bear and quite confident - the trip apparently hasn't upset her at all and she is looking forward to exploring a new place. She was very excited when I told her that I do animal rescue and she wants to help me feed the baby birds - so I had better find her a smock to throw over her pretty dress!   Thank you so much!
(((hugs))) Shelly

Winner of the Sept Bears&Buds' Sweepstakes.


I loved all the critters & bears entered in the URSA Awards Competition. They were all wonderful pieces! I was surprised that Captain Zinfangar was one out of the three chosen in the category I entered him in. Everyone did wonderful works of art!!

Bear hugs,
Melissa Zemeski

Well some people should just thank their lucky stars! And while I'm at it ...thank you for that lovely August Bears&Buds' cover. It looks fabulous!  I will place it on my web page; you bet! There is a bear in my near future and her name is "My Lucky Stars!".  Just can't help myself, ya know.
Big Bear Hugs to both you and Dawn.

Bev White - Happy Tymes Collectibles

I just had a look at the finalist bears but I am in trouble: I cannot decide about what bear or friend to vote for. There are a few ones I really love. I cannot decide whether I vote for the critter I would love to adopt or the one I find the most elaborated. So many are so beautifully made... I think I will take a few more days to make my choice!

Beary hugs,

I'm on pins and needles!

The anticipation is killing me BUT SO MUCH FUN!!!! I'm already thinking of ideas for next year's URSA! I'll hopefully have more time and will be able to enter several categories! Thanks again!

Annie Nann - Annie Laurie's

Thanks so much to you and the staff of B&B for all of the hard work that you have done to put on this contest and the work that you do year round to compile this great webzine!

Terrie Kalaputas

Terries Bears

Huge congratulations to all of you talented Teddy-Talkers that are on the Final URSA list . . . there are many of you!

Well done!

I will have to say this years URSA Contest is the bestest show of talent, what sure creations are here, I ohhhed and awwwhed over so many of them, wish they all could have won, great job to everyone.. Bear hugs, Skipper

Dear Editor,

I recently received an eMail from a friend telling me that I would enjoy a site called Bears&Buds. She explained what it was about and told me I would really be impressed.

   When I went to the site I saw that there was a competition with different categories where I could vote for the creation of my choice.

   Being the person I am, I decided to be a helpful observer and give my opinion. You know how we women love to give our opinions, especially on soft furry creations.

   Well, I was so taken back by the fabulous artistry that it took me a very long time to decide which creations I would vote for. I agonized over choosing only one! I looked for several minutes in each category because of the details these artist showed in their creations. Amazing!

   I just can't say enough about the creative artists and I can't wait until a teddy bear show comes to my area, to see the bears and meet the artists.

  Good luck to each artists who have created such wonderful works of art. It's a shame there can only be one winner in each category because all of the entries deserve to win. I saw no losers because each one was perfection to me.

Sincerely, Jeannine H.
Bardstown, KY

Thank you very much for everything you  did for HK young bear makers , and introduce the message about Hong Kong.  I forward the pages to our members and some HK government officers.  

Please keep on your good work.   Thanks again and best regards   Gloria Chan

Founder of the HKTBA

I wanted to say how much I love getting the monthly eMails on the web site of Bears&Buds. I enjoy every part of the pages and look forward to peeking in from time to time. I get to see new bear artists and catchup on the news about my artist friends.

Lots of HUGS, Angel Sawyer

Bears by ARSawyer

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