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Marilyn Wagner                                                           May 2015






"I have always lived in Ohio," reveals Marilyn Wagner of Quilts-N-Critters, "and I have been crafting for as long as I can remember."

Residing in Middletown, Ohio with her husband and menagerie of animals, she spends her days creating bears. When she is not at home working or in her studio creating her next bear, she enjoys a bit of line dancing and biking.

"Throughout my life, I've cross-stitched, tried crocheting, latch rugs and was always looking or something special. Then finally about fifteen years ago, I decided to try my hand at quilting. I've always loved quilts."

She bought a quilting book and taught herself. She was addicted to it. "I liked it so much that I started a long-arm quilting business out of my home."

Five years after that, she found her way into bear making by combining her two passions (quilting and teddy bears) and became Quilts-N-Critters.

"Honestly, I don't have time now for quilting!" Making teddy bears keeps her days fully occupied.

"I currently make bears, bunnies and cats, and plan to make other critters like dogs in the future."

Marilyn has some experience with dogs as she was a groomer for five years. Now she draws on those grooming skills to add character to her bears by scissor sculpting.

"I don't like to be rushed, so I typically make only around forty bears a year." 


Her collectors come from all walks of life. "I think the passion for bear collecting stems from a childhood memory and love."


Who doesn't love teddy bears?

She's won several awards for her creations and has been pictured in various teddy bear magazines.

As technology advances, so does the bear industry with online shows.


"Sometimes the online shows bring past collectors back as they know my work," Marilyn noted, "and as an added bonus, there are new collectors being introduced and drawn into this great industry through online sites, shows and magazines. Like Bears&Buds!"


"This is my full time job, my love and my hobby."


With technology aside, there is a special part of teddy bear making that Marilyn really enjoys and that is traveling to various teddy bear shows.


"It's my favorite aspect," she confessed. "When I see the collector's face when they see, for the first time, the bear who 'speaks to them', it is my utmost prized moment."


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