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     May 2013                                                     Erin Roy 

Elwood and his Flower

In the self-described "out in the middle of nowhere," Erin Roy of
Bears *n* Bling enjoys the rolling hills, forest and creek that run through her beautiful property in Wellandport, Ontario, Canada.

"It is the perfect setting for relaxing and creating."

Erin grew up less than 15 minutes away in the outskirts of Binbrook where her parents still live today.

"I could never be far away from them," she remarked.

Erin's childhood was filled with music. She began playing the piano when she was five. She won many competitions throughout her childhood and teen years. She continued to pursue her music, eventually earning
a degree in music at McMaster University where she learned to play most instruments. She later earned her Bachelor of Education teaching degree.

So you might ask, how did she get started in making bears? "Well, I
have always loved teddy bears and when a serious health issue caused me to lose my job, every day became a struggle."

She tried to stay positive and pass the time at home by researching and collecting antique bears.

"After all, who doesn't feel better with a teddy bear to cuddle; or two or three bears!"

One night, while searching for another bear to add to her "hug," a very special listing on eBay caught her eye.

"Make your own antique teddy bear." She was intrigued, so she bought the kit and waited patiently for it to arrive. Having never picked up a needle and thread before, she was a bit apprehensive.

And so, Tuck was born. "Poor little Tuck was my first attempt at sewing. He had an under stuffed nose, exposed stitching and loose little eyes, but I loved him to bits and he was the reason I became hooked."

Since that day, Erin has spent almost every day designing and creating furry little creatures; taking their photos and writing little stores for each.

"Making bears changed my life."

Erin went from buying kits, to purchasing numerous patterns and
supplies to eventually designing her own bears.

"This made them more "me." After a few months, I was getting positive feedback from my family and they suggested that I sell my bears on eBay. I think my husband was just getting tired of them being everywhere!"


Miss Ophelia Featherworth



Although it was difficult for her to pack up the first adopted bear and ship him to his new home, it eventually got easier, but only a little bit.

"I don't think I have found my special style yet, and I'm not sure I ever will.

I love to experiment and create a variety of looks so I can not imagine making the same pattern over and over again."

Erin enjoys making fully jointed, medium to large bears out of mohair.

"The most important characteristic of

a bear is getting it to really look at you. If for just a moment, I believe that he or she is going to get up and start dancing, then I know that I have accomplished what I set out to do and I am happy."

She also enjoys making little friends for her creations and working some "Bling" into the designs which led her to making jewelry for both bears and people. She eventually ventured into beading bookmarks, eyeglass chains, key chains and lapel/hat pins "I now have enough beads to last ten lifetimes!"

"I can't imagine my life without a needle and thread, endless supply of mohair and the lovely appreciative collectors that make it all worthwhile.

And to watch a little bear come to life and dance around the room is a joy that has no words."

Erin Roy


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Miggins and Fleece



Little Bear Finds Spring

Mr. Freezle and Chilli



Discover and learn about

Erin's township.

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Wellandport, Ontario, Canada


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