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By Diana Stanton - Contributing Writer                 May 2019


Teddy bears seem to pop up everywhere!


We see them in grocery carts, on planes, at festivals, in schools, and even see them being drug by the ear by our children across the playground. Teddy bears peer out of car windows, ride with police officers and even in the plane's cockpit!


When Bears&Buds' Assistant Editor, Dawn Emerson composed the meme (above), stating where bears have traveled and questioning where your bears have traveled to, we had a wonderful response from our readers.


Thanks to everyone for participating.  Check the bottom of the page to see whose name was drawn; who will receive the cute new bear!

Bears Have Traveled to . . .

Paddy went to Ireland with us. Here he is at the Guinness museum where he and Bob learned to make a "pour".

Afterwards he rode Dublin's Hop-on Hop-off bus. Big day so a nap in Dublin's Clontarf Castle Hotel was oh his list..

Bettina G. - Missouri

This is my Charlie bear Jimbob, he lives with me in Flint Michigan. He is my awesome travel buddy, he loves going camping and having adventures. He has been to Otter lake campground, Krystal lake campground, Mio campground, Clearlake campground, 7 Lakes campground, and been to Mississippi, New Orleans. This pic was taken at Clearwater Campground.

Rebecca - Michigan

Jessie was born in the US, moved to France, and came back to the USA.

Traveling to Maryland and West Virginia with me.



Joyce -



Lucky and Valentino

Valentino has been to France and lots of places in the USA.

Lucky at Lucky's in upper Michigan, and Luckys and Valentino at Panama city Beach.

Lucky got arrested in Washington D.C. at Hershey Chocolate Factory  for trying to take a bite of chocolate.

He was released, and able to get home and chill with the rest of the bears!

Fran - Indiana


Kreme Puffi loved his adventures in Rome, Italy!

Donna H. - Indiana

Paddington has traveled with me through 18 states, two countries, Jamaica and the Caribbean Islands

Judith - Michigan

Kalea (meaning filled with joy) has been to Kilauea Volcano

Heather - Hawaii

Pat has been my companion and he was excited to see the Great Barrier Reef.

Leslie -Sydney, Australia

My Potbelly Bear has traveled with me to FL, VA, MD, DC, PA and all along the east coast.

Jamie - MD

This is my baby bear Aaron. He has a necklace with the letters G and J, a cross and a heart he wears all the time. He also has a bracelet with his initials and the letters U
and P. The letter G is for my husband Greg, the letter J is for my name Jessica, the cross is for God, the heart is for love. His bracelet is for his name and the U P stands for union Pacific where my husband works my daughter made the bracelet for him.

Aaron has traveled a lot he has been to Argentina, Russia and Canada, all over Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and north and south Dakota.
I have loved teddy bears since I was born. I have always had many but he is my special one. He travels with me and my husband and even sleeps in our bed. Teddy bears always have hugs and love when you need them. I love my teddy bears! I'm glad to share his picture with you.

Jessica F. - Texas

I am happy to submit a collage picture showing my Angel Bear’s travel to:
1) see the sunset at Mount Dandenong at Melbourne,

2) enjoy a soccer kick at the Signal Iduna Park Stadium of

    Dortmund, Germany,
3) see the architecture at L’Umbracle Terraza of Valencia,

    Spain, and
4) the tranquil landscape garden of Rurikoin in Kyoto, Japan.


Angela - Hong Kong

Hugabear has travelled with me and was a gift from my grandmother when i was born. He is 37 years old and has traveled with me on holidays here in South Africa, Cape Town, Kenya, Durban even Pilgrims Rest and other places.

I slept with him, i used to sniff his ear i found it soothing.


He now has a few battle scars from the years and i have had to replace his eyes, but i still love him and won't ever get rid of him.

Neil - South Africa


My little bear traveled to Japan with me.


Dolores - PA

Mr. Bear was my crib pal, he went to school with me!


He visited Montana, London, spent time in college in PA, and finally back home to IL, my first home.


Now Mr Bear found his way into my children’s cribs!

Anita M - Illinois

Gunther has visited the Grand Canyon, San Francisco, Yosemite and several places away from his home in Arkansas.

My little bear Gunther in front of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park (right).
e has accompanied my husband and me on many adventures.  Gunther wears a little backpack with pins from many of the places he has visited with us!

Nancy S. - Arkansas

My bear just finished a three hour walk with me on the Great Wall in China!



Celia - California

This is my husband's new bear who sleeps with him
and goes with him when we travel. This was taken in Puyallup WA while we were house hunting and visiting my brother.
His little Huggy Bear!

Bert and Limey on a North Atlantic Cruise.


We sailed from Norway to the Faroe Islands, Shetland Islands, Iceland, Greenland, Newfoundland and Quebec.


Sue  - Delaware.

This little bear named Pandy is pretty special. Over 50 years ago my future husband bought him for me before I was going on a trip to England.


Since this little guy was made in England he had a busy time traveling back there and then back home to the states.


I still have my sweet husband and this cute panda, after all these years.

Jan - Michigan

My grandmother gave me this big panda when I was 4.


His name is 'Ted"


He has traveled with me from Portland OR to Mexico, to Washington DC and now resides with me in Kentucky.


Valerie -

Editor of Bears&Buds

Drawing - and the winner is . . .  

This little yellow bear, perhaps will be a new traveling companion, goes to:


Sue Shoemaker - Delaware

And we believe her bears are already celebrating the 'win'


Editors note:

A big 'Thank You' to all who submitted their traveling bears!

Remember to grab your bear, take your camera, and enjoy all the beauty that your next adventure leads you to with your bear in tow.


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