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Candi Taylor                                  March 2022


Candi Taylor is originally from Southern California where she grew up and developed a love
of the country life.

During college she met her husband Dave and after marrying him in 1978 we decided to begin looking for property. Traveling north seeking just the right place
to begin their new life together.

At the end of their journey they found a wonderful piece of property, 40 acres with woods and a nice nearly year round creek.

"We have been here for nearly 43 years." begins Candi.
"My husband built our 3 story house, barn and a number
of out buildings."

They live with 2 dogs, two cats, two horses and have raised two children, Jason and Lita while "loving every minute of our time here. It has been quite the adventure!"

"I have always loved sewing
and art. After discovering through a friend that there was a teddy bear world I became hooked. I couldn't wait to make my first bear!"

Candi began making bears
in 1994 and selling at local shows. Soon she became obsessed with making use
of an extra neck joint and using that technique for most of her creations.

This process allowed the bears to pose and show more personality and character.
"Beyond the traditional joints,
I like to wire a number of my creations making them even more flexible."

She has developed patterns for goats, donkey's, and wolves which often use an armature instead of joints. This gives the animals a realistic look.

"Over the years I have sold
to many shops and exhibited in many shows. I believe that there needs to be a balance
of wholesale and retail.
I do both."









Lei Ming





Milo and Zeke

Often times it's the shop owner who is promoting an artists' work where more collectors can be reached single handily.
"I began traveling to the East coast to participate in more shows and do signing.
I love meeting collectors and getting their input."

Candi's most memorable collector was a 9 year old boy who was an avid collector of bears. He would save his money all year and attend a show; hoping to make
a special purchase. "He and his mom walked up to my table at TBAI and he pulled out an envelope full of cash to make his purchase of a lop rabbit I had!
What a wonderful experience
for both of us.

Since COVID restrictions has put
a crimp in traveling, Candi is participating in online shows. They have been very successful for her and she is able to reach people worldwide.
"I can see the extra benefits and will continue to do online shows plus physical shows when possible.

Dave and Candi have always
had a home business. "Our first business we started was hand dyed yarn, lasting for 8 years and then we transitioned into making hand made baskets for
the next 13 years.

Around this time I began making bears and found that I could make a living doing this.

How wonderful! This has been my passion to create designs. Some years are more productive with new patterns than others."

Since 1994 Candi as has made around 2,700 creations.

"I mostly make my creations myself but have the help and support of my husband who has done his share of cutting, picking and making wooden
goat and donkey feet."


Candi's work is quickly recognizable and she trades under the name 'Candi Bears'.

The way she created the animal's face seem to be unique, and nearly 99% have
a hand made leather noses which stands out along with
the extra neck joint.

"I believe they often have
a realistic appearance which appeals to a wide variety of collectors."

Candi has done a number
of special orders over the years and one recent order was Sgt. Stubby, a war dog who is about 4” tall from WWII.

This commissioned piece would accompany a bear made by Cindy McGuire, China Cupboard Bears. Her bear was in uniform too and then given as a gift to
a friend who was a WWII enthusiast. "That was far the most challenging special order
I have had."

Candi's hobby: creating patterns and making what she envision, come to life. "I do enjoy working in the garden, planting flower beds and playing with our horses , but making stuffed animals is my passion!".



Sgt. Stubby










Wild Hybrid Cat


Snow white and the seven dwarf's was purchased by Terry
Quinlan and on display at the Quinlan Museum.

Tundra and Zeke


Over the years her art as won many 1st place and 2nd place ribbons at different conventions.

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the URSA Awards Competition.
  • Golden Teddy nomination in 1997 for Gunter, a mountain climbing bear.
  • Golden Teddy nomination in 2011 for Mr. Squirrel.
  • Guest artist featured in a book that Stephen Cronk published in 2000 called ' The World's Most Lovable Bears'.
  • Several miniature bear designs produced by Little Gems in 1999.
  • 2015 an online German magazine did a feature article.
  • 2018 received the Beverly Port Artist Teddy Bear Award for Excellence.
  • People's Choice Award at TBAI.
  • Articles in Teddy Bear and Friends Nov. 2016, and January 2019.
  • Feature article in Creative Teddies, a German magazine.

"Most importantly I don't feel that awards make me an artist.
I believe that it is the dedication to the art and making creations that come from within that really counts.

I'm always pleased when my work is embraced and when
it puts a smile on someone's face. That is the best reward."

Candace Taylor - Candi Bears



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