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Stevi T. (Tiongco)                                March - April 2018
The "Bud" in Bears&Buds can mean just about anything. From rabbits, to mice, to raccoons, birds, fairies, and just about anything else you can think of. Each is an important part of teddy bear collecting because everything is linked in one way or another.

And so it is with Stevi T. of Stevi T.'s Alpaca Encounter.

She's taken her love of creating 3-dimensional, crocheting with her home grown Alpaca yarn, antiquing and drawing, combining it all together to create "Buds" of not only real life but of fantasy.

Originally an artist doll-maker, Stevi started her journey to be an artist when she was young. "Growing up in New Jersey, having a degree of artistic ability enabled me to get through my formidable years of school," she admitted. She would later take those talents and graduate from the School of Advertising Art.

She began creating soft sculpture rag dolls in the 1980's, then moved on to Polymer clay and eventually worked her way up to making needle-felted animals.

"I have raised my greatest creations, my children: Kristen, Austin and Devon."

When she faced a parental "empty-nest," she relocated with her Alpacas to New Milford, Pennsylvania and found herself on a whole new adventure.

Needle felting seemed like an easy transition.

Stevi was already raising Alpacas to create wigs for her one-of-a-kind pixies, fairies, hobbits and gnomes.


In 2000, when needle-felt fiber art was relatively new to the bear world, she decided to give it a try.


Hearts "Realism was the avenue I chose to take when designing my wildlife creations."


She even had a good friend in the taxidermy business who would critique her pieces for authenticity.

The Hare

Mrs Colters Demon

The March Hare

Three Blind Mice

Baby Lop Ear Bunny

Cheshire Cat

Hearts White Rabbit

And where most artists were purchasing their fiber, she was doing it all. "I was completely processing, washing, drying and carding my own. It was rewarding and extremely time consuming but I literally take my fiber art from my animals to finished product."

Selling her creations through Etsy and at several shows, Stevi has created award winning pieces that run the gamut of styles. From real life woodland creatures that seem to be plucked straight out of the back yard or forest, to others that seem to jump from story book pages or through time dressed in Steampunk-wear. Stevi likes to stretch her creative wings, "I like to appeal to collectors that like to be out of the box."

That being said, no two creations are ever quite alike.

Stevi confessed, "Each one is entirely made by myself and requires hours of poke time. Each does have its own personality and expression and no two are exactly the same, which makes them unique."


All are made freehand and do not have an actual pattern.


"Needle-felt techniques can be taught but mostly, there is just a format for construction and not actual patterns."

When Stevi isn't needle-felting, she spends her time with activities with her children, raising her Alpacas, antiquing and even going to Renaissance, Steampunk and Misfit Fairie Fairs and Festivals.

And yes, costumes are required!

Hickory Dickory Dock

White Lop Ear Rabbit

Steampunk Rat



Steampunk standing rat


Baby Possum

Baby Cottontails


Baby Bunny

Doll and Bear

Nap Time

When Pigs Fly

Who Are you? Blie Caterpillar

Memberships and Awards

UFDC member
ODACA member

Bears&Buds Professional Artist Member
The Golden Teddy Nominee
Peoples Choice Award
TOBY Awards
Award of Excellence for Polar bear and Lop Ear Rabbit.
2017 Ernie’s Steampunk biker mouse won the URSA Awards Competition and TOBY Industry Choice and Peoples Choice.
Cottontail rabbit won the URSA
Alfonso Bear: Artist Award
2018 Steampunk magazine featured on four pages.

2017 Teddy Bear & Friends article

Stevi Tiongco
Stevi T.`s Alpaca Encounters

Member since June 2017


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New Milford, Pennsylvania?


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