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by Diana Stanton                                        June 2017
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Teddy bear artists often have other hobbies that keep their creative ideas flowing and their minds occupied.

We'd like to introduce Chantal Giroux, Chantal's Bears, who paints pet portrais from pastels and oil colored pencils.

She's commissioned to paint pet portraits in memoriam for people who lost their furry friends. Having experienced the loss of her kitty, she wanted to help others with grieving hearts.

Although we think she has a natural born talent, Chantal says she trained herself by studying photographs, watching online art instructions and practicing until she got the final results.

The eyes Spirou, one of her kittens has beautiful emerald eyes and sometimes 10 different colors are applied to get the exact eye color.


When Chantal does not have a commissioned painting she is attracted to wild creatures which she paints from photographs.


"I'm working on a giraffe and I love the realistic part of drawing. A lot of details to observe by from a reference picture."

Spring brought Robins to sing in her yard; she painted one too!

"Yes, I sell my original work framed for shipping.
A customer can easily change the frame and the frame helps protect the painting." she said.

The paintings range in size: 8.5" X 11" or 8" X 10".


Colin Bradley's kitten

Seeing to every little detail, Chantal brings the dog to life!

Gemma Gylling's dog.

Bears paintings from photos taken by John Carr


Chantal loves painting bear portraits too!


"I'm on Instagram as Darwin Pencil Art. I took the name of one of my cats named Darwin."

Chantal Giroux

Chantal's Bears Collection

Member Since August 2005



Do you want to commission Chantal for your pet's or bear's portrait?


Write Chantal



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