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The Original Online Teddy Bear Magazine

Soyo Sato                                                          July 2016






When Soyo Sato was a small child, her parents gave her, as a gift, a photo book along with a very large teddy bear that would barely fit in her bed.

This was the start of her teddy bear love story.

Soyo grew into adulthood, living in Japan, she was fortunate to have a flair for oil painting. As luck would have it, she met a famous painter. The painter provided her with instruction and a place to paint at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.

Being thoroughly impressed with her talent, they contributed to her study abroad in Paris.

Then one day, on her way to the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Soyo found a small teddy bear class in Yanaka, Tokyo. This would turn out to be the beginning of creating her own teddy bears.

She went to class, taking with her a foreign book of teddy bears that she had bought when she was younger. "I said that I wanted to make this (she said while showing the book to the teacher)." It began from there.

The teacher taught her how to make a big antique-style bear to those who were trying to make it for the first time. Soyo recalled, "I am now often drawn to the antique teddy bear style, but I don't want to lose my sense of originality."

But what her teacher's real mission to impart to her students was to create a teddy bear that would be cherished for 100 years.

This idea stuck with Soyo. She wanted to create keepsake teddy bears that would be handed down generation after generation.

Although the teddy bear culture is not yet widespread in Japan, it is Soyo's wish that her artistry, view of the world and most importantly, her teddy bears are shared by many people.

Each bear is completely made by Soyo. Then her husband, Sato lends a hand by helping her with her website, business materials; working as a manager for her business.

But his most important job comes when a teddy bear is completed. "When I finish each bear, I show them to my husband first and he gives them names," confiding that Sato is more knowledgeable of the "mythology" and stories of the world than she is.

Though relatively new to the teddy bear business, she's already won several awards and been featured in various publications.

When Soyo is not making bears, she enjoys taking picnics with her other "furry friends," her two toy poodle dogs. She has to leave the sparrow and tortoises at home though. But what can she do? She says, "We love animals!"

It's clear to see that she does. With every stitch, every seam and every sparkle in the eyes, it shows on her creations.

Soyo Sato

Baby Talk Bears

Member since January 2016


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