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     Terrie Kalaputas                                                   February 2016

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It really comes as no surprise that Canadian teddy bear artist, Terrie Kalaputas, of Terries Bears, found baby animals to be her inspiration when creating teddy bears, noting,"I try to recreate the look and expression of young animals on each of the bear's faces."

Terrie has had a lot of experience with babies and youngsters.

A proficient floral designer, Terrie went back to school and took office procedures. Then when she had children, she opened a home day-care until her children were both in school.

She made bears and dolls for her own small children. "I used purchased patterns and made play friends for them from cloth, synthetic and real fur, even crocheting animals from yarn."

When the stuffed toys were outgrown, she started creating her own patterns that would lead her into the bear making profession.

Her time spent with her own children and running the day-care inspired her proneness to create bears with a "young and playful" look.

"The first time I saw a teddy bear magazine with pictures of artist bears, I was inspired to try to create bears of my own patterns."

Bear making has become her new "career."

Terrie designs four or five  entirely new patterns each year but also makes alterations to existing patterns to create new looks and styles; ultimately producing 40-50 bears each year.

Her bears are contemporary rather than realistic, with large eyes and child-like expressions.

"I do a lot of needle sculpting to my bears. It amazes me that just a tiny stitch here or there can change the look or expression of the bear completely. I like the look of hand-painted eyes, so most of my creations have eyes that I made especially for them."

Terrie sells the majority of her bears online as shows in Alberta Canada are few and far between.

"My collectors are varied in age and are from all over the world!

I recently received an eMail from a mother of a little girl who saw one of my bears online and wanted nothing else for her 8th birthday."

Personal connections are so special to Terrie that when she gets a chance to go to a local teddy bear show, she jumps at the opportunity.

"The collectors are usually very excited with their new teddy bear and I love talking about it with them; both sharing their excitement for their new bear and their love of teddies in general."

As Terrie says, reminding us that,"everyone who collects teddy bears is basically a child at heart."

Terrie Kalaputas
Terries Bears
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