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10th Annual
Hong Kong Teddy Bear Contest

The Hong Kong teddy bear artists have been busy designing, making and creating outfits for their bears to wear in the annual contest. The entries this year showed the Hong Kong bear makers were very creative.


Bears and their friends were entered in 7 Categories by advanced artists to very young beginning bear makers (ages 14 and under with one 5 year old contestant). They all enjoyed completing their entries.


Everyone has a dream of having the winning bear. Hong Kong is a very busy city, many people work more than 10 hours a day. This does not leave much time for people to sew and make handicrafts.


By sponsoring this contest the citizens of Hong Kong are learning about artist bears as most think a bear is only a toy and not a work of art.


I teach bear making classes and even organize this yearly bear contest which is always a hard work. I often hesitated to do that, but on the other hand I told myself, I have the support from the VIPs in the bear world.


Our Judges send me warm emails, commenting on the Hong Kong bear makers are doing better and better each year.


Gloria Chan
Gloria Handicraft Studio
Member since June 2009

Meet The Winners

Class: Hobbyist Dressed Bear or Friend

HD 01 King of Mongolia


Shu Siu Ping

HD 02Flower Fairy

2nd Place

Jo Shuen

HD 03 Dancer

First Artists from the Mainland

2nd Runner Up

Gigi Chan



HD 06War Correspondent

4th Place

Patricia Ho

Class: Hobbyist Innovative Bear or Friend

HI 02

Birdy Bear

Grand Champion

Lui Wing Hung Cherrie

NI 03

Nail Artist

2nd Place

Polly Wong

HI 04

Peanut Bear

3rd Place

Connie Lee

HI 01


4th Place

Flora Lai

Class: Designer Collection

Classy Ladies # DC 003

Designer's Collection  - Champion.

Dilys Pang received the trophy from HK judge Erik Cheung

DC 002 Twin Princesses

Designer's Collection Artist Dressed
2nd place
Chow Suk Ching

DC 001

To Respect the Fashion Designer and the Painter


Designer's Collection
3rd Place

Cheung Hei Laam


Class: Artist Dressed Bear

AD 005 Goddess

Artist Dressed


Chow Suk

AD 001  Roonie and AD 002 Diana
Artist Dressed

2nd Place

Idy Law

AD 009 Angelina

Artist Dressed

3rd Place

Dilys Pang

AD 003   Winter Lady

Artist Dressed

4th Place

Marcia Mo

Class: Artists Innovative Bear or Friend

AI 07 Lion Dance


Angela Yip

AI 02 Google the Yorkshire Terrier

2nd Place

Lanemaria Ho

AI 04 Arctic Fox

3rd Place

Flora Lee

AI 05

Golden Chicken

4th Place

Yau Ka Yee

Class: Youngster Dressed Bear or Friend


YD 05 Black Princess


Cheung Hei Laam

YD 04 Aries

2nd Place

Wong Ka Yuet

YD 01 Kyra

3rd Place

Jacqueling Lau

YD 02 Mi Mi

4th Place

Yoyo Ho

Class: Youngster Innovative Bear or Friend

YI  06  Happy Prince


Roy Lau (young boy)


YI 01 Innocent

2nd Place

Katie Chan


3rd Place

Chan Hei Yu (age 5)

YI  05  Little Zin

4th Place

Coco Tsang


Note from Gloria:


Dear All,
Thank you very much to the generous of Ms. Valerie, She gives us the contest page and HKTBA Winners' page every year.

Congratulations on your success. Keep up your good work!

We are looking forward to welcoming Ms. Valerie at the 11th HK Teddy Bear Prize Presentation Ceremony as she is planning to visit Hong Kong and Macau to meet the bear artists in January 2016.

2015 will be a busy year for all HKTBA members. New projects, exhibitions and lessons too.

God bless your family and you. Bless HKTBA to work better and bring more bear making lessons to schools. We received inquiries from school teachers about conducting bear-making lessons for pupils.

Wish you all have a prosperous New year.

Cheers, Gloria



Meet the 4 Judges.

Helga Schepp, Germany

Lamberti Scilla, Italy

Erick Cheung, Hong Kong

Valerie Rogers, USA




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