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  Becca Allnatt                                                 February 2015
Originally from a little town called Dunedin on the east coast of the South Island in New Zealand, Becca Allnatt moved with her husband to Perth, Australia. "I am extremely lucky to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!"

Becca shares her world with her husband and two Bulldogs. "Well, they rule me, really. If you've ever owned a bulldog then you will know what I am talking about." She finds nothing better than a morning at the beach surrounded by dogs. A close second is creating her various teddy bears and buds.

Becca's introduction into the bear making world started with her love of crafts. "I don't remember a time when my life didn't have some sort of craft in it, but none of it seemed to be my thing."

Early memories were of her mother teaching ladies to make porcelain dolls.


"My mother's collection grew so much that my parents built my brothers a "granny flat" in the backyard and used the boy's bedroom as the doll room."


She recalled all the ladies saying to her, "Why don't you learn to make dolls Bec?" But she never enjoyed or appreciated them.
A soft cuddly teddy? Now that was a different story.

When Becca and her husband, Brent bought their first house, she found that she needed a bedroom just for the soft toys she had collected over the years. At this point in her life, she had no idea what an "artist bear" even was.

She was about to learn.


"Moving to Perth opened my eyes to a world I never knew existed; what I call 'The Bear World.'"

Her sister joined her in attending craft fairs where they found bear artists displaying and selling their hand made creations. "I was in awe of this. I could not believe that someone could make these by hand and then sell them." And so the collecting journey began.

After a couple of years of serious bear collecting and seeing some creations that were just out of her price range, yet she picked them up, looking and adoring them, the bear artists would suggest that she come to classes and learn how to make her own.











One of Bec's first creations



Brothers in Arms




Lil' Luna








Batman and Superman




Bec Allnatt 
Bears By Becca
Member since May 2014


She found a place locally and she learned to do just that! Make her own teddy bears.


"I am pretty fussy when it comes to teddy bears. I am not really a fan of traditional styles and yet, I am not a fan of the weird and wonderful either."


During her classes, she found a style she did like. "I made him fifteen times and everyone I knew got one. I even shrunk this pattern down to miniature size for fun. This is what made me think that if I don't want to make someone else's bears, then I should make my own." So she began created her own miniature bears.

"I will never forget the feeling when I was showing someone what I had created and they said, 'Can I buy it?' I was dumbfounded that someone would want to buy one of my creations."

She still gets like that now and thinks it's so wonderful that people would want something that she made by hand and add her bear to their collection.


"The feeling this gives me is priceless and I never want to lose that feeling. It's pretty overwhelming and humbling."


Becca still makes mostly miniatures along with some larger bears and bunnies, but her heart will always belong to the mini bear. "I love that I can get so much expression into a tiny little face."


Another side of bear making that she counts as a blessing is getting to meet the nicest, most amazingly creative people.


"There are so many wonderful artists here in Perth. So much talent in one place! Not to mention the collectors that I have been lucky enough meet when they adopt one of my bears."

"To meet and be part of these people's lives, I am very grateful for it.

I only hope that one day I can offer my knowledge to those that need it and are finding their way into the bear world like these amazing artists have shown me."










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