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Carol Miller of the Teddy Bear Maker was born and raised in Miami, Florida and continues to work and live in West Palm Beach, Florida making her one

of its true natives.


“I have always been an artist and have worked in many different forms, sewing, watercolor painting, line drawing, advertising and logo design. My favorite ways to create are bear making and quilting.”


As far back as she can remember, teddy bears have been a part of her life. Before she could walk, her mother started singing the song “Teddy Bears Picnic” to her and the seed was planted. Little did her mother know that, all those years ago, Carol’s love for Teddy Bears truly began.


“The bear I remember from my childhood was a panda as large as I was. I held it in front of me and struggled just to move it across the room because I could not see around it. My panda was a source of comfort to me and a wonderful companion. I am sure it is no coincidence that pandas are my favorite kind of bears.” 


Carol has been making teddy bears since 1996; fulfilling a life-long dream. “Making teddy bears has been a spiritual, life changing experience for me.

I began making bears using other artist’s patterns then in

1998 I took a design class and learned how to create my own bear pattern designs.”


Within a piece of tapestry, fabric, antique lace collar, a brooch, vintage illustrations of bears, old toys, movies and bears, she see inspiration and the creative process begins. Stuffing and shaping heads, sculpting faces and adding eyes gives them their start on personality. Suddenly the bears come to life.


“The bear is complete when I finish with the accessories and naming the bear. It is a feeling that touches my heart and keeps the passion of bear making alive for me with each bear I make.”


The business name 'The Teddy Bear Maker' came to her one night while she was watching a movie called 'The Doll Maker.'


“I thought the name fit because it was about who I am and what I do without taking the spotlight off the bears so it was perfect for me.”


Carol sells her bears primarily by word of mouth but also at live teddy bear shows and on Facebook. She is working on a web site now so she will be able to reach more collectors and participate in online shows.


Each design and bear is made entirely by Carol. She only creates a few new designs a year but manage to make around fifty bears and a few mohair rabbits. “My tag line is 'the bears that speak to your heart,' because many people comment on my bears saying they look like they might start talking to them when they pick them up.”


In her spare time, she loves to quilt and spend time with her grandchildren. She is fond of writing little stories about the bears she makes, what adventures they get into; many times using circumstances from her childhood and current events as inspiration to write.

Even through a battle last year with breast cancer, Carol has continued doing the thing she loves in an industry that brings her great joy.

“One of the things I like most about the teddy bear family is that there are so many nice people involved in it. Teddy Bear people are second to none."


"I love to see the look on collectors faces when they connect with one of my bears and I can see they look the way I feel about teddy bears. That is part of the good stuff in my life. I encourage everyone to pass on their love of bears and or bear making to their children and grandchildren to keep teddy bears alive.”



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  Carol D. Miller

  The Teddy Bear Maker
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