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all the entries in the Hong Kong Teddy Bear Association's Costumed Bear Contest. Awards will be presented on December 6, 2009
Youngster Category 

Youngster Entry 1

Maker age 9  

Youngster Entry 2

Maker age 9

Youngster Entry 3

Maker age 14

Youngster Entry 4 

My Dancing Memory

Maker age 15

Artist Category

Artist Entry A10
Christmas Party Bear

Artist Entry A-011

Miss Rosie Green

Artist Entry A-012
Rose in Hand Painted Evening Dress

Artist Entry A-013

My Dream Costume

Artist Entry A-014

People's Princess-Diana

Artist Entry A-015


Artist Entry A-016

Top Model-Culture Series

Artist Entry A-017


Artist Entry A-018

Michael Jackson's Moon Walk

Hobbyist Category

Hobbyist H-005

Party Lady

Hobbyist H-006

Madame Viola 

Hobbyist H-007

Marie The Queen

Hobbyist H-008


Hobbyist H-009


Hobbyist H-019

Purple Brilliance

Editors Note:

Upon returning from Hong Kong I will publish an article covering all the activities and the winners of the Hong Kong Teddy Bear Association's Costumed Bear Contest. Look for the article in February's issue!


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