A Bear For All Seasons
Jacquie Pollitt Bears                 by Dawn Emerson

Perhaps it is the eyes or maybe the inner soul that touches you when looking at one of Jacquie Pollitt’s (Jacquie Pollit Bears) bears. There is certainly something for everyone on Jacquie’s exhibit tables. Her creations range from antique to contemporary, from 6 inches to over 3 feet tall, both dressed and undressed, mohair to vintage mink. They all make ‘beary good friends’. “I try not to limit myself with any particular genre,” Jacquie remarked in her English accent. “I do what my imagination conjures up.” Even though she lives in Indiana, there is no mistaking that Jacquie originates from ‘across the pond’.

Prior to discovering her bear making skills, Jacquie worked with horses but wanted a creative outlet that she could do from her home, giving her more time to raise her son Nick. When her mother-in-law gave her a sewing machine which had belonged to her grandmother, she unleashed a wellspring of talent and an addiction began. Jacquie started with inexpensive fur and sold her bears mainly at flea markets.

Jacquie Pollitt with her small mink and fur bears.

Sunny is small in size but big in lovability. After all he made the front cover of Bears&Buds!

This aviator will take off with your heart!

Jacquie enjoys making large bears too, using vintage clothing and accessories.

With consistency, she quickly sold all her inventory and it was then she realized she was on the right track. As her talent, experience, and confidence grew, she expanded into exhibiting at leading bear shows.  Jacquie prefers selling her bears at shows. “It is the shows that are the core of our industry,” she began. “Sure, you can buy bears online, but it is at the shows where you get a complete experience of selecting just the right bear and getting to know the whole story; to know about its creator, where it came from and the love and emotion that went into its creation. You can’t get that online. When I see an emotional connection between a collector and one of my bears, it is an awesome feeling!” One thing she loves most about the industry is, “definitely the people. I have met so many wonderful people, both artists and collectors. Some have become my dearest and closest friends.”

Teddy bear making has allowed Jacquie to be a stay-at-home mom. Nick is now 15 years old and Jacquie is still excited about exhibiting at shows and sharing her ideas and creativity with collectors and fellow artists. Best known for her Poppity Poo style bears which have curved limbs and are heavily weighted, she has worked with various renditions to create fairies bears, Scruffies and Bearskyn Robyn Flavours. She uses similar patterns to make mice and rabbits. All of which have the Threadbears style even though they are individualistic and unique.   With the support of her family, Jacquie has made a name for herself in the collectible industry with her upbeat attitude and imaginative creations. Little did her mother-in-law know that her kind gesture, so many years ago, would provide the teddy bear industry with such a remarkably talented and caring artist.


Jacquie uses recycled furs to make bunnies and bears.

Poppity-poo fairy.

Lemon Ada serves up smiles.

Scruffy gets his 'learn' on!

Jacquie Pollitt

Jacquie Pollitt Bears

Professional Member Since March 2006

Written by: Dawn Emerson

Assistant Editor & Contributing Writer


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