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My Second Love to Bears​

Erin Roy

by Diana Stanton                                       August 2017
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The Bears&Buds Professional Teddy Bear Artist-Members often enjoy other hobbies when taking a break from bear making.


Erin Roy, Bears*n*Bling, from Wellandport, Ontario Canada
is no exception.


"I have recently discovered that I love to paint." Erin started, and "funny how it all started.


I went to Michael's Craft Store to sign up for their beading classes only to discover that they didn't offer the class
at that location.


After letting out a sigh of disappointment, a very enthusiastic women said "Join my painting classes!"


Erin laughed and told the clerk "I have only ever dreamed
of painting as I can't even doodle, even stick people are
a challenge!"


She said "Everyone can paint!" and she promptly handed Erin the sign up sheet.


"Well, it was one of the greatest things I have ever done!" exclaimed Erin. "I CAN paint! Who knew?"


She would spend all her waking hours painting if only she could. "Making bears along with painting is delightful."


Erin said that she hoped to get much better as time went on, "as I am still very much 'in the dark' about what to do and techniques to learn."


We asked her what she prefer to paint, "anything that catches my eye!" she said.


Erin encourages everyone to pick up a brush "as it is very relaxing and rewarding!"


We know Erin to be a very creative bear artist and photographer, and she hopes you enjoy her "attempts
at becoming an artist painter," as shown below.


"I prefer using oils but I do dabble with acrylic and water colour, and experiment with mixed media and palette knife work too."


Erin finds inspiration for her paintings from life, art books
and images found on the internet.


Bears&Buds is proud to introduce another talented side
of Erin Roy!




Erin's feature article in Bears&Buds can be found in "The Past" pages.





Erin Roy


Member since March 2013

Click on the pallet and contact Erin Roy about her art or bears.


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