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      August 2012                                                            Denise Graham     

Christmas Elf

Denise Graham of Expressions by Neicie believes her talents may be genetic.

"I come from a family of four girls; each with our own talents. Two of us have a passion for drawing, one is quite a talented poet and the other found her passion in hairstyling and bear making."

Denise credits her mother, a seamstress, who made most of their clothing while they were growing up.

Her father, a Navy man, moved his family all around, but Denise seems to always migrate back to Florida, where she currently resides.

This mother of five and grandmother of eight originally created Expressions by Neicie as an outlet for her pencil drawings. "For many years, I created graphite pencil drawings ranging from portraits to the mystical."

It was one of her sisters, Diana Watts of DiBears, who introduced her to a ball of wool, a felting needle and a sponge.

"By the time Diana returned home from work, I had created my first piece. It was a teddy bear that my youngest daughter, Aharon, named Bob."


From that day on, Denise was hook and that piece ended up starting a whole new career and passion for needle felting.

"I have been making my creations for two years now. My pieces range from the mystical to realistic pieces, modern life to down right comical ones."

Denise adds armatures to her pieces so that they can be posed in different ways all helping show their unique personalities.

They have glass eyes and often wire is used for making wings (if they have them) and ears.

"I make the claws out of Fimo clay and find enjoyment in making most of the props for my animals, and I make their clothes too."

Most of Denise's creations are one-of- a-kind or very limited editions.

"I really have a passion for felting and enjoy creating and coming up with new ideas everyday," she remarked. "What started as something to pass time has now developed into a business for me."

Her pieces are sold at teddy bear shows across the country, on Bears&Buds and through online auction sites.

When asked what she loves most about her business she stated, "I am so excited to be doing something that I love and call it work!"

And how fantastic it is that she can bring her artwork from the paper into the magical world of teddy bears and buds.




Star Gazer

Zander the Dragon


Close-up of a Unicorn


Denise Graham

Expressions by Neicie

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