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Tampa Teddy Bear Show - Pattern Challenge






Collectors could not believe their eyes!


They say that bunnies tend to multiply and it held true at the Tampa Teddy Bear Show when seven outstanding teddy bear artists participated in the annual "It's All The Same Pattern" challenge.

Several months before the 2014 Tampa Teddy Bear Show opened, Bright Star Promotions issued a challenge to the attending artists to take a simple bunny pattern and make it their own.

Each artist brings something special to their creations and a contest like the this is a fantastic way to show how each artist perceives and brings to life something different and unique that represents their own artistry.

Participants were told to create a 11-12" bunny from any materials using a pattern that was supplied by Bright Star Promotions. The only restriction was that they could not change the pattern pieces. Bunnies could be made of any material and embellished in anyway.

Ears could be down or up and needle felted enhancements could only be done on the face, paws and tummy areas.

Seven artists, Judy Eppolito (Ashenberry), Diana Watts (DiBears), Trish Hansford (Bears by Two Hearts), Pat Berkowitch (Babcock Bears), Pat Lyons (Free Spirit), Jane Woodard (Heir Bears) and Dale Crocker (Wicked Bear Fibers) took on the challenge and brought their own special artistry to the table to create a magical array of bunnies bouncing into the Tampa show.

All who attended the show were able to vote for their favorite furry creation. At 2:30, the awards were presented to the winning artists.



Artists holding their entries - Who will win?

Close up of the Bunnies

Hopping on to the Contest Table

Judy Eppolito

Diana Watts

Trish Hansford
Bears by Two Hearts

Pat Berkowitch

Babcock Bears


Pat Lyons
Free Spirit 

Jane Woodard

Heir Bears

Dale Crocker
Wicked Bear Fibers



As you can see, it is the artists that bring a pattern to life!

Top Placed Winners!

Judy Eppolito          Jane Woodard             Diana Watts


Third Place goes to Jane Woodard
of Heir Bears

Valerie Awards Second Place to
Judy Eppolito - Ashenberry

First Place Winner is Diana Watts - DiBears!


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