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Advertising Rates

With the growth of the Net and Bears&Bud’s expansion, we now are offer advertising to all companies.

You do not have to be a Professional Member to advertise monthly.


Bears&Buds’ has nearly 8,000 visitors a day with numerous worldwide clients. The better your product exposure, the greater your profits will be.

Our rates are very affordable compared to printed, paper publications and our worldwide visibility makes Bears&Buds one of the largest distributed magazines.

And best of all, Bears&Buds’ Online Teddy Bear Magazine is easy to find.

Available online 365 days a year, 24 hours a day for your reading enjoyment.


Bears&Buds is offering advertising to everyone (pending acceptability of ad content), with reduced rates for our Professional Bears&Buds’ Members. The links for the display advertising are directed to the advertiser's web site or email.

Web addresses can be used in the display advertising.

We feel using an email address is the best. Interested buyers can then email the advertiser for more product information.  


All ads in full color or black/white are price the same.

Large ad: (245 wide x 350 pixels high) is $49.00 month (members $25.00 month).


Long banner style (500 wide by 80 pixels high) is $25.00 month (members $12 month).

Static Side-Banner Ad: Appears on all major pages of Bears&Buds Webzine. 120 pixels wide x 240 pixels high) $400.00 year.


All ads 300 dpi. and mailed to


See the various ad sizes - look.

If you need help designing your ad, please contact Dawn Emerson, Assistant Editor   ( or to me, we’ll be happy to help you.


Remember that small print won't show up well, let photos speak and sell the product.


We prefer PayPal payments

Our PayPal account name: or you can pay with any major credit card by calling (502) 423-7827.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

We look forward to helping you succeed.




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