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Ines Tetling                        February 2024

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Born in Kiel on the Ostee (Baltic Sea) in Germany, Ines Tetling now lives in the beautiful Black Forest in the city of Freiburg with her husband Roland.

The ‘collecting bug’ bit Ines over 30 years ago.

“I started collecting teddy they brought me joy. But then came the temptation to make a little bear myself.”

She soon realized how much work it is to create and develop designs. “It was a big challenge at the beginning,” she said.

Having always enjoyed doing a lot of handwork like knitting, sewing and painting, she had plenty of creative skills to light her way.

With a deep appreciation for hands-on activities such as knitting, sewing, and painting, Ines was gifted a wealth of creative skills.

“At first I sewed big bears, then it was my desire to make something small became, and that passion became ‘very big”.

Today Ines is filled with great joy when she creates a little bear, a friend and companion, who will put a smile on your face and bring you joy.

Her little bears are like a friend who you can take everywhere with you, who carries love within, and always a good conversation starter at any event.


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“I collect my ideas from nature or while walking through markets and bargain stores. “My to-do list is still very long”.

Establishing her business name, Bärenkinder all her bears are made from high-quality materials and hand-dyed mini bear fabric. The colors and their harmony with small accessories play a big role in her style. “My bears often tell a story and love by the little accessories they have with them. The bears are one-of-a-kind and are truly unique.

Ines has built a solid foundation and following by selling in online shows, on BearPile and often attends live in-person shows sponsored by TeddyTotal in Münster and at Teddybär Welt in Wiesbaden.

“I like particularly enjoy the exhibitions where I can greet the collectors and converse with the customers. The joy on their faces when they hold a little bear of mine, is priceless.
Sharing conversations with artists and being together, is always an inspiration”.

For years Ines worked as a pediatrician’s medical assistant, and now is a full-time bear maker. “I love it!”



“I work in my bear studio every day. The morning starts with a big cup of coffee, maybe two, turn on some good music and the day can begin”.

Creating a number of designs that swirl around in her head and then a lot of work until a little bear looks her in the eyes. Then and only then is she satisfied with the choice of colors and the harmony of the design.

Generating various designs that dance in her mind, she invests considerable amount effort until a small bear gazes into her eyes. Only at that moment does she find satisfaction that she has chosen the perfect colors that harmonize the design.


“When I'm not working in my Bären Studio, I cook passionately and once a week I have a big family meal. I participate in a lot of sport activities, trips to Colmar, Strasbourg or to Basel. At night I relax by reading crime novels!”

Over the course of my years, Ines as a bear artist, has met many people, cemented relationships with collectors and new friends.
“Decades of friendships have been formed that I wouldn't want to miss. Seeing each person again at live exhibitions is always a great joy, but the fact that my Bärenkinder live on every continent in the world fills me with pride and joy”.

Ines has many collectors in the USA, UK and China and she’s always happy to receive pictures of her bears visiting historical areas in Germany.

Bärenkinder has been features in German specialist magazines, such as Teddys Kreativ and Bärreport.













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