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Poppy Atkinson         September - October 2023

In 2016, Poppy Atkinson embarked on her journey of crafting teddy bears, although her affection for bear collecting traces back to her early years.

"My vocation is now exclusively centered around bear making, that initially began as a pastime while pursuing my degree."

She resides in Ously, a charming area in the northern English Lake District. Poppy operates under the trade name: Briar Rose Bears.

She finds herself in a creative and inspiration environment that encompasses the landscape and the local wildlife.

I share my abode with my partner Richard along with a feline companion named Tigger and a pair of guinea pigs, affectionately referred to as Lilo and Stitch.

Being in the company of animals has forever been a source of delight for Poppy and has given her the opportunity to artistically portray them.

"We have a big variety of wildlife here that I am constantly fueled with fresh ideas in what I want to make next."







Each creation of Briar Rose Bears is individually crafted from mohair or faux fur, with everything from the stitching and needle felting which all
begin with drawing her pattern.

Poppy makes a variety of stuffed animals including bunnies, elephants, mice and her personal favorites to make, monsters.

"I like to do everything by hand. It feels more personal that way and I think my customers really enjoy knowing the whole bear making process has been done entirely by me."

In September of 2022, Poppy was accepted into the British Toy Makers Guild, which is one of the longest running and most respected toy and
craft guilds in Britain.

"It is a real honour to be accepted by the guild, to have your work recognized and appreciated which really is a good feeling. It has opened a lot of doors to me and helped me expand as an artist."

A unique part of Poppy's work is her monsters, something she really enjoys creating.

"Designing and making my monsters is a true delight for me. It's a creative endeavor that I haven't encountered frequently among others, which gives it a unique and distinctive quality. However,
I make an effort to produce a diverse range of bear styles too.

"I endeavor to offer a collection that caters to a wide array of tastes, ensuring that there's a little something for everyone."

In 2020, Poppy initiated an online Facebook event called the Independent Bear Artist Show. In order to broaden her creative horizons she also invited a variety of bear artists to join her group and exhibit their work.

Over the span of three years, the show has evolved and grown, creating yet another avenue for sales.

"I find the shows help keep me motivated and inspired and allows me to meet other collectors and artists. It's always great to see other peoples work and connect with like minded artists.

It's great to do a little sightseeing and exploring in the new show cities."

She enjoys taking landscaping photos in the new areas.

"I'm a big animal lover and enjoy going to a local horse riding school where I have lessons in my spare time. "

Over the course of seven years, since embarking on her journey with Briar Rose Bears, Poppy has established a global following.

Her clientele hails from various corners of the world, and she has undertaken a diverse range of projects.









These span from crafting personal 'Memory Bears,' that are created in honor of cherished individuals, to fulfilling commercial commissions for prominent retail establishments.


"With the Internet it is now possible to have a global reach for my creations, and it is quite an experience selling worldwide.

I've had the privilege of encountering wonderful individuals and great Net connections that might not have been possible otherwise

When Poppy is not making her own bears, she continues to expand on her own considerable bear collection.

"A favorite being Steiff and Merrythought bears.

The first in my collection was a Steiff bear. My collection brings me a lot of enjoyment."

Expanding her collection she now includes many other artist bears.

"It is another way to meet new artists and I even have artists ask me to make one of my own bears for them!"



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