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Rita Bruckdorfer                 December 2023

Living in the picturesque town of Königsbrunn, Germany, Rita Bruckdorfer celebrates making teddy bears for three decades,

“I've worn many hats in my life, but one passion has remained constant and hat is my love for crafting teddy bears and other creatures.”

She uses a variety of materials, some from simple plush others from mohair and other valuable fabrics.

“I do all the unique designs in my cozy workshop.”

Each of her teddy bears and animals have a distinctive trait; notably a large nose and impressively stout feet. These characteristics give them an unforgettable charm and personality.

“I meticulously select the finest materials to create these little marvels, pouring my heart and soul into every stitch.”

“My workshop is not just a place for crafting cute cuddly animals; it's a haven for creating lifelong companions. Every year, I bring five new designs to life, resulting in 150 different specimens. Each bear or animal I craft is like a unique work of art, ready to capture the hearts of collectors and enthusiasts.”

Rita’s teddy bears and creatures aren't just hidden away in her workshop. They find new homes through her web site, at teddy bear fairs and online shows.








“I like to showcase my work at teddy bear fairs where I can personally connect with people who share my passion and enabling them to experience the magic behind each creation.”

Rita’s fascination with teddy bears began in her childhood, largely influenced by her mother's work at Schuco toy manufacturer. Her stories and insights into the world of toys ignited my curiosity and set me on a lifelong journey.

The name "Bärino," which now graces all her creations, was born spontaneously as a playful diminutive of "bear." This name has become a teddy bear hallmark that signifies the warmth and affection.
“Local newspapers have frequently shared my story, and "Bärino" has become a household name in Germany.

“One of my cherished traditions is participating in the Bear Sales Exchange. This event brings together fellow teddy bear enthusiasts and collectors to celebrate our shared love for these special stuffed animals. It's a place where friendships are formed, ideas are exchanged, and creativity flows freely. The Bear Sales Exchange is a wellspring of inspiration for my craft.”

“In my small workshop I create and breathe life into teddy bears and animals.”

Crafting these creatures is more than a hobby to Rita, it's a passion that allows her to express her creativity and bring joy to others.


“As I look ahead, I see a future filled with new ideas, endless creativity, and a desire to touch the hearts of many more people worldwide. Teddy bears, for me, are not just soft toys; they are storytellers, bringing warmth and happiness to the collector.”



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Making the nose

Batty getting fangs







Table set up at Christmas Market


A group of bears!



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