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April 2015                                                      Kay Cooper

“I don't often take old bears to restore and honest it takes longer than making a whole new bear,” began Kay Cooper of Cooper Bears from Perth Australia.

“There were some good size holes in him and some fur has deteriorated, so he will have some little scars. All the more to add to his life story!

“I do love an old fellow who speaks to me, like he had been waiting years to get better.

He has traces of stories in his fur; he’s trying to talk to me!

His story is very Velveteen Rabbit; All his fur has been loved off.”

The bear has been in an attic for nearly 54 years, “and next 50 years will be gentler on him; I promise,” said Kay.


“He had a non-working growler so I put a new one in him; he growls like he used to.”

“Hooray its stuffing day” said the bear!


Up to that point Kay worked gently for 5 hours, removing the stuffing and joints from his body.


"I spent another 7 hours putting him all back together." Kay said.

“He looks so alive Kay,” began Kerri, “It's been a long time since I've seen him like this.

I'm not expecting perfection Kay, just for him to have his dignity restored.

He has been very loved.” Kerri said.

According to the old bear’s Mum, his name is My-Teddy.

“Legend has it that once when I was young, I painted him with my uncles black boot polish and my Nana put him in the washing machine, getting most of the polish off but what was left took years to wear off,” chuckled Kerri the owner now.

Kerri was very emotional when she first laid eyes on her long lost friend.

"The flowers are for you Kay, for listening to me about my bear and not just doing a restoration!" said Kerri.


“My-Teddy looks just like I remember him,

Thank you so very much Kay.  I shall call him Kooper” 

Bucket was happy to meet the 'new' old bear; they shared a few adventure stories!





Kay Lesley Cooper

Cooper Bears

Member since June 2012


Editors note: 

Kay thought artists who restore bears could share ideas and help each other by starting a Facebook Group. "Getting those old bears out of boxes and back on shelves or into loving arms again," she said.


< Click on icon to visit or to join Kay's group.


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