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Gloria Chan, founder of the Hong Kong Teddy Bear Association announced The Panda Place.


It's  our 1st bear exhibition for young bear makers and artists in this year. 40 bears and friends on exhibit from November 16 to January 1, 2014


The  2nd bear exhibition will be held at The East Mall and begin on the 4th of December through January 1st with 40 bears and friends.


The 3rd bear exhibit will be held at E-Max and open December 6 through January 1st with 50 bears and friends.


The judges are featured near the end of this article. I thank them all for their votes and support.


HKTBA presented the winners and prized in a Ceremony at E-Max, on the 15th of December at 2:00 p.m. See below

Cheers, Gloria



Presenting the winners!

Bears entered in the HKTBA Competition

Designers Collection

Gloria presents Angela Yip her

AC-06 Winter Festival

Dilys Party Girls

AC-01 Party Girls

Amy Yua (R) with her Hakuna Matata

AC-04 Hakuna  Matata 


Louise Chow and her willing bears

AC-02 Rainbow Collection



Artist Dressed Bear  

Gloria presents Angela Yips award

AD-09 Fair Lady

Flora Lee and her bear Rose

AD-10 Rose

Jada Tams - Little Oscar

AD-05 Little Oscar 

AD-08 Pearl

Artist - Non Traditional material bear or Friend  

Amy Yau and her winning Monkey

AN 01 Iku BB

Marcia Mo and her Panda

AN 02   Lovely Panda

Louise Chow with Red Dress Bear


AN 03 Red Dressed bear

Etta Wong

AN 04 Baby Blue
Hobbyist - Dress bear or friends

Erik, center, presents the awards to the Hobbyist Category Winners.

Rebecca's mother accepting her award as she is studying abroad.

HD 01 MSF: Doctor Bear without Border

HD 09 Miss Hong Kong 2013


Mak Chui Wah with her bear sailor


HD 07 Sailor

Annies with Erick

HD 06 Belly dancing Queen

Hobbyist - Non Traditional material bear or Friend  

Emma Leung


HN  02  Candy  Bear

Sandy Wong and her Flower Fairy

HN  04  Flower Fairy

Melody and Erick

HN  01 Fantasy Butterfly 

Liu Oi Shan with her bear Little Red Ridiing Hood.

HN  05 Little Red Riding Hood 

Youngster Non Traditional material bear or Friend

Chan Ying Hei and her little bear

Y 04 Gothic Lolita Bear

Ng Ka Hei and her bear Jelly

Y 07 Jelly

Carol Kwok and her Sailor bear

Y 08 Sailor Bear

Janice Wong for Sukli

Y 05 Sukli

Being just 4, she held her sisters trophy, because she did make her bear so understood she had won! Too young to understand the awards system.

Y 11 Baby Walker (this girl is only 4.5 years old)
Youngster - Dressed bear or friend 

YD  01 Young princess
Athena Cheung


YD  07   Blue Princess
Athena Cheung 

Neroli Leung-Lucy

YD  04 Lucy

Kellie Wong and her bear Natalie

YD 02  Natalie

Special Honors

Public Vote at Panda Place winner is

Anny Cheng

Public vote at The East winner is:

Louise Chow

Public Vote at E-Max winner is:

Amy Yau

John Leung special Bears in Uniforms Award


Hong Kong Teddy Bear Association is proud and honored to present the award and to show you the exhibits.



See the photos



Congratulations for the artist
and bear makers!

Meet the Judges

Helga Schepp is the Chairperson of Bear by Bear Germany. Author of five teddy Bear books. She's the Mentor of Hong Kong Teddy Artists, as she brought Gloria Chan to the bear world and has broadened her horizons of the Art of Teddy bears.

Valerie Rogers is the Publisher and Executive Editor of Bears&Buds, the original online teddy bear Magazine and a leading Teddy Bear Show producer in USA who now sponsors online teddy bear shows.

Yana Volkova is an artist, designer, living in Russia and has been teaching drawing and painting for over 18 years. Last 6 years Yana also teaches felting and traditional doll-making.

Scilla Lamberti lives in Florence, Italy and is a pattern maker and CAD system teacher in POLIMODA International Institute Fashion Design & Marketing.

Erick Cheung is a TV Stylist for the Hong Kong Fashion Designer group.
He is participant of numerous fashion shows and fashion exhibitions.

Erik is presented a judges award while Gloria (r) and the hostess stand for photographs.




A very happy afternoon was enjoyed by all,

learning to make bears!


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