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Patti Thomas

My Brown Bear

Aunt Tressie bought two teddy bears
When I was only three
She gave the panda to my cousin, Donna
And the brown one, she gave to me.

It was my very first teddy bear
So new and soft and clean
He was almost as big as me
The sweetest face I'd ever seen.

The sun was shinning bright outside
When I took him out to play
We found a soft green grassy patch
And stayed there most of the day

We planned adventures we'd soon have
As we shared pretend chocolate pie
I ran inside for a glass of milk
Without noticing the change in the sky.

As I walked back to the porch
The rain was pelting down.
I tried to make it to my teddy
Still sitting on the ground.

Suddenly my mother's hand
Took a hold of mine.
I cried for my teddy bear
But she said he'd be just fine.

She worried that I'd catch a cold
And held tightly to my hand.
She said "We'll bring him back inside
When the rain stops again".

But when I went outside to get him
My teddy bear was gone.
I guess he ran for drier ground
And lost his way back home.

I've remembered him lovingly
No, the years could not erase.
And I watch Along the Garden Path
For a glimpse of his sweet brown face.

I hope that some day his adventures
Bring him safely home.
I would so love to introduce him
To my precious Ivy Rose.

Written by: Patti Thomas
Ivy Rose Bears

She did not have a bear as a child.









Many of our Professional artists sadly report that they did not have a teddy bear as a child or photos have been lost over time.

We hope you enjoy our childhood memories.

Valerie Rogers I remember my 4th birthday, it was a hot July day. My friends and I were enjoying cake and ice cream but soon my sweet grandmother surprised me with a huge panda. His coloring is dark brown with off white, a sewn black nose and a little red tongue, which held on by a thread over the years.

   'Ted' is still my buddy and often travels with me. To this day, even though I know better, I still pick him up by his ear! It's nearly bald on one side.

   Ted now watches over all the other bears and still gets a hug or two!

    Ken Yenke (bear appraiser) said "Ted" is an Ideal bear that came from England in the early 1940's and was one of the biggest pandas, in this style, that he had seen.

Valerie Rogers

Publisher/Executive Editor

Bears&Buds Webzine

Bettina Groh At age 5, with her bear named "Teddy", I played at the beach. 

  The photo was taken on the Southern coast of England. I don't know who the little boy is but I assume (from other photos in the album) that he must be a relative and it's an important occasion because I am in a DRESS with a ribbon in my hair! I definitely want to show Teddy off to the camera!

    Teddy was a gift when I was very small, brought to me from the US by my great-uncle and aunt. They became our sponsors when we emigrated from England to the US in 1951. Of course Teddy came too. I still have him. He is a little balder but still loved!

Bettina Groh
Glass Dragon Teddy Bears
Member since March 2007


Berta Hesen Berta (R) from The Netherlands was 4 years old when this photo was taken with her friend. She loved elephants and like most elephants he was named Jumbo!

   "My friend had to buy a pack of sugar (we had a tiny grocery store very close to our home) and as she came past our house she stopped to play with me and Jumbo; nearly forgetting about the sugar she was to bring home."

Berta Hesen-Minten
Member since March 2005

Margaret Jackson I was just five, and living in Youngsville, NC where my parents celebrated Christmas in a big way. A great big smile and a big bear I named Pinney Bear.

   My bear was a great friend and traveled with us on all our family vacations.

    I believe my bear influenced me to become a teddy bear artists and I decided to name my company after my lifelong companion, Pinney Bear.

Margaret Jackson

Pinney Bears

Member since December 2005

Mary Jardin Wimberley from Wilmington, DE was just 2 1/2 years old in this picture. She holds her “Lambie” as she sat between her brothers for this photo.

  Now as a bear artist, who creates mostly "Buds, " Mary thought it interesting that she could only find photos with her holding lambs or bunnies as a child. "Though my bed was crowded with "Buds", I was always looking for the next new species to add to my menagerie," said Mary.

  In the photo she is wedged between her two brothers. Being “Mary", she always had a little lamb following her to school and anywhere else she went!

  Interestingly enough, Mary's Secret Garden began when a quiet voice insisted she make a lamb!

Mary Wimberley
Mary's Secret Garden
Member Since August 2005

Dixie Leigh Huffman

My grandparents had a beach cottage in Ocean Drive, SC (now North Myrtle Beach), where this photo was taken circa 1951, when I was four.

  The teddy bear was a 'peace offering' from my gran'daddy after his bridge game went on too long and he wasn't able to take me to the Pavilion. He often spoiled me. (You can see a card game in progress in this photo).    His name was 'Tonto' (the bear, not my gran'daddy.) It was a mystery to me how he was called 'lone' Ranger, when he always had his assistant side-kick Tonto with him.

  The cottage was lost to Hurricane Hazel in 1957. My bear, along with all my stuffed animals, disappeared during the great 'underprivileged children' collection drive my mother conducted in 1959.

I've never forgiven her.

Dixie Huffman

Dixie's Dollings

Member since October 2007

Bobbie Rippenger
Christmas and Bobbie was 2 (L) along with her younger sister 
and one of her older brothers on Christmas Eve.

   "Mom had sewn all of the Topsy Turvey dolls, two more bears, the elephant and horse tucked under the tree." (below).
Bobbie's love for animals is exhibited in this 1950 photo while she and her large family visited the Brookfied Zoo. "I was drawn to the polar bears even at 8 years old." she said.

Bobbie Rippenger

Creative Design Studio

Member Since May 2005

Terrie Stong, Good Bears of the World Chairbear at the tender age of 2 you can see how delighted she was and that delight still shines in her face today with her teddy bear. "I can still remember that wonderful happy feeling and I still get that feeling at teddy bear shows!" said Terrie. The dolls are gone but not her beloved teddy bear who still brings her joy.

Terrie Stong

Good Bears of The World

Member since March 2005

   Good Bears of the World just introduced Ruby, the red bear and she joins the others in the GBW group.

Collect all of the GBW bears!

Bev White
As a toddler holding her bear. "When I ran across this photo it was a total surprise because I never knew that I had a bear as a child!" she said.

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